Spoon Cancels Show In Iowa After State Bans Vaccine Passports

Spoon Iowa
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Spoon Iowa
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Photo Credit: Piknik i Parken / CC by 4.0

Spoon have canceled their US show in Iowa over the state’s ban on proof of vaccination.

The group was to perform at Ioaw’s Des Moines’ Hoyt Sherman Place in September. But they announced via Instagram that the event was canceled. Iowa is one of 20 states in the US that have banned proof of vaccination requirements by businesses or government officials.

“In just two weeks we’ll be heading out for our first run of shows in quite a while,” the statement begins. “It’s one of the greatest parts of being in a band – getting out there and getting to play real music with real instruments in front of real people. We are stoked.”

“Times being what they are, we’ve been working with local promoters to try and provide a safer experience for everyone at our shows by requiring proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test 48 hours prior to entry. Due to Iowa’s limitations of vaccine mandates, we’re regrettably canceling the Sept 9 Des Moines show.”

“We’re replacing that gig with a show at the Slowdown in Omaha, Nebraska on the same date. We sincerely apologize to ticket holders in Des Moines. Ticket buyers to the Des Moines show, please refer to your point of purchase for refund information. Tickets fo the Slowdown in Omaha on September 9 are on sale now. Details on specific show policies will be messaged to ticket buyers for each show.”

A growing number of US states are requiring full proof of vaccination to attend large-scale events. Bonnaroo and Summerfest are just two following the Lollapalooza model set. “Bonnaroo strongly encourages vaccination,” the festival told media.

People attending outdoor events in Los Angeles County are required to wear masks again. Masks were already required in indoor spaces, but they’re now required for outdoor gatherings like music festivals and concerts unless eating or drinking.

Jason Isbell canceled a tour date in Houston on August 11 for not following his vaccine policy. That policy would only allow attendees with a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination to attend the show. It appears that the 20 states not requiring vaccination mandates may see a reduction in live music concerts very shortly, if the trend keeps up.

Vaccination rates are among some of the lowest in the American Midwest and South.

14 Responses

  1. Truth shot

    When the vax has killed all the military first responders and the Chinese walk in here to rape because Leana wen duped every retard in this country I’ll remember their courageous stand.

  2. Joe Sixpack

    I attended concerts at the Iowa State Fair and nobody wore masks. To Dr. Fauci’s disgust, nobody became sick and everyone had a pleasant time with no filthy face pampers or vaccine passports.

    I am sure Spoon will apply for PPP funds to cover the cost of their canceled gig. What idiots. Good riddance.

    • Dr. Idiot Detector

      You’re the idiot. The fair just ended two days ago, which is not enough time to tell is anyone got sick. I hope nobody did, but give it the normal incubation time to see if cases in your area increase or not.

      • RMC

        I checked. The concerts started as far back as August 12th. Blake Shelton was on the 13th. That’s 12 days ago. I checked the corporate media in Iowa and there’s nothing about people attending the Fair and getting sick. Maybe a few people got sick from eating Funnel Cakes. Should we have a Funnel Cake verification card, Idiot Detector? Hope you have a fun day trolling in your mom’s basement.

        • Idiot Detector

          Yup – you’re definitely an idiot. Keep talking to prove it to others. You’re doing a great job at that…no matter what name you comment under.

        • Jamie

          Have millions of people died from eating funnel cake? I didn’t know this was such a hot issue. Thanks for bringing it up. You really are a thinker. Ha!

        • Fun Fact

          Fun fact: most of the idiots that stormed the capitol on January 6th, live with their moms…

  3. Dr Benway

    Only 480 people have died in Iowa in the past 18 months of strictly Covid without comorbidities. Of those 480 people, the vast majority were older than 60, and most were over 80. Not exactly Spoon’s target audience.

    Most deaths in Iowa occurred in November and December of 2020, and very few have occurred in the past 6 months.

    Requiring a vaccine card is stupid and un-American. They’re easy to forge.

    • Idiot Detector

      You’re a doctor of stupidity, regurgitating the same bullshit in hopes people will buy your lies. You attempt to justify the situation while denying reality. Fuck you 100 times over. One day you’ll die and the world will be a better place.

      • Alan T

        Your words are harsh for the other comment, but they appear to be justified. Stating that “only 480 people died” is just a sick statement, in general, as it diminishes lives. The reality is that several thousand died in Iowas during that timeframe as a result of Covid. Whether it is a death only caused by Covid or one that Covid has caused by exacerbating another ailment, Covid was the culprit. Trying to say otherwise is disingenuous and false. The pandemic is real.

        And trying to push that vaccine cards are unAmerican is just plain ridiculous.

        • Dr Benway

          Alan, how are we supposed to talk about this without looking at the data?

          You want to be emotional, sanctimonious, and virtue signal in a righteous way. Why is that? Because you support Medical-based Fascism. You’re a tool of Big Pharma. You believe anything the government, a NGO, or the corporate media tells you.

          Vaccine cards are patently un-American.

          Viruses are all around us. Have been forever, although we really couldn’t see them until the perfection of the electron microscope starting in the late 1930s. We can try to live healthy lives.

          I don’t understand your mania. You are brainwashed into thinking that forcing everybody, including those who have anti-bodies, to take an experimental “vaccine” and endless boosters, and proving it constantly in our public lives by displaying a card that can be easily forged is the right thing to do. You are insane. You hate freedom. To you, everybody is suspect.

          Covid is not always the culprit. Do you not understand how hospitals are influenced? I don’t think you do. When somebody who is 71 years old, 100 pounds overweight, lifelong smoker, drinker, diabetic, angina, etc, shows up in the ER and then dies, they’ll be tested for Covid because of the way things are done today. And if the test says it’s positive, well then obviously it was the Covid to you. You are actually that stupid.

          • Alan T

            You aren’t looking at data or facts. You are pushing assumptions, opinions and conspiracy theories. You don’t get it and your comments prove that. If you view me as stupid, that’s fine. I consider the source and don’t care what you think. You’re wrong about most everything.