Have Credits? View Your Stream Counts with Muso.AI — Here’s How It Works

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You no longer have to be the artist on works to see your stream counts. For the first time, engineers, producers, songwriters, and musicians can see credit performance!  Unlike artists, music professionals lack streaming insight. Not any more.

The following was created in collaboration with Muso.AI, a proud partner of Digital Music News.

Working with different artists makes tracking the performance of credits nearly impossible for frequent music collaborators. Muso.AI Pro aims to solve that problem by giving music professionals more insight into their total lifetime streams across all of their credits.

Muso.AI Pro Features

Daily Credit Analytics from 11 Platforms

Music professionals can track streams, Shazams, TikTok views, playlists present, and chart activity for each of their credits. Each day, Pro members receive insights into their daily performance, almost like a quick career summary for the day.

Full Historical Trends

Music professionals can dive deeper into their career trends with historical graphs for tracks, albums, collaborators, and albums. Muso.AI Pro helps artists discover what helps drive their career forward and who has helped via detailed analytics.

Playlist and Chart Activity for Credits

Music professionals can explore their credit activity and receive notifications when tracks are added to any charts or playlists, when tracks change position, or when removed.

Share Career Achievements

Muso.AI Pro makes it easy to share career achievements with your followers. It highlights trends and quantifies data with detailed historical credit insights.

The Muso.AI Pro subscription costs $9.99/month and offers a 7-day free trial. Muso.AI is a scalable platform for firsthand contributions of musicians and industry professionals. It has amassed and verified credits for over 50 million tracks, including 4 million creator profiles and 12 million albums.

In addition to the Muso.AI Pro launch for professionals, Muso.AI is starting to roll out its Pro feature to publishers, labels, and studios over the next few months. Interested industry professionals can sign up on the Muso.AI website to receive early access. The company will bring the same functionality to the B2B market very soon.