Bonnaroo Announces Indoor Show in Nashville – Here’s the Line Up

Bonnaroo Nashville
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Bonnaroo Nashville
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Photo Credit: Andrew Jorgensen / CC by 3.0

Bonnaroo 2021 is canceled, but festival organizers have announced an indoor show in Nashville.

This year’s event was canceled due to waterlogged campgrounds as the remnants of Hurricane Ida swept through Tennessee. The indoor make-up concert will feature Phoebe Bridgers, Brittany Howard, and Sylvan Esso. It takes place on Saturday, September 4 at the Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville. Attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to attend.

“Hey Bonnaroovians. If you’re still around and looking for a bit of Bonnaroo magic, then come join us this Saturday night!” organizers wrote on Twitter. Tickets for the show went on sale this afternoon.

Among this year’s scheduled Bonnaroo performers were Deadmau5, Foo Fighters, Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion, Run the Jewels, Young Thug, and Tyler, the Creator.

Phoebe Bridgers was added to the Bonnaroo roster just this year, while Brittany Howard and Sylvan Esso were part of the original 2020 lineup. Esso is set to present WITH, a full band re-imagining of some of their favorite songs. Tickets start at $39.50 for general admission.

As of the time of writing, there are still some seats available in the nosebleed section. Most tickets to the event have been sold out after just one day of availability. Several stars shared their disappointment with the decision to cancel the show.

“Honored to be your first female headliner, Bonnaroo,” Lizzo wrote on Instagram. “Take care of yourselves, everyone who is in the path of the storm. Safety first.” Jason Isbell tweeted, “I’m sorry y’all had to make this choice but I believe it was the right one. I was really REALLY looking forward to it, but ya gotta be safe and smart. Love to everybody on the crew with a broken heart today.”

It’s no surprise that pop dup Sylvan Esso are appearing at the Bonnaroo indoor Nashville show.

“Anybody gotta good outdoor venue in Tennessee for this sick ass band? Bonnaroo got cancelled, but we are still practicing anyway cuz music is joy,” the duo tweeted.

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  1. Roddy

    Smart. Indoor during a pandemic is better than outdoor or nothing at all. Jeez, idiots. Make sure it’s a show that only anti-vaxxers can attend so we rid the earth of these brainless, cretins.

    • Giovanni Nutzitch

      Run for your life! Panic! You might catch a cold where you have a 99% of surviving.

      Shut down the world…….run, panic, run, government power forever!

      • Blake

        When someone responds to an article or comment with an extreme comment, they lose legitimately right away. Nobody is shutting down the world. It isn’t happening. The only thing shut down is your common sense.

        Your comments, no matter what name you use, are stupid. Let’s hope you’re one of the 1% (actually 1-3% die, but you can’t argue with someone who believes lies and misinformation).

        • Dr. Fraudci

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        • Dr Benway

          Blake hasn’t been to Australia, New Zealand, or Quebec lately.

          Only about 8% of Covid deaths were actually from Covid. The other 92% of the death count are somebody who tested positive but likely died of something else like heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia, COPD, alcoholism, gunshots, car crashes, suicides, or they’re 97 years old. Most deaths are 70+.

          Show up anywhere quoting actual data rather than repeating what the pretty teleprompter reader said and you get shouted down by pro-Big Pharma, pro-Government, pro-Fascist types who want everybody to be forcibly jabbed with something forever, and prove it. And wear a mask. Meanwhile, look at photos from Obama’s birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard. Everybody’s partying. I’m sure his mansion will be underwater anyday now due to global warming. Many of you love to believe the lies because you’re on Team Democrats Can Do No Wrong. I hate Republicans, but I hate Democrats even more.

    • Typical

      Roddy smart Democrat. Roddy watch CNN and MSLSD. Roddy hated Trump. Roddy like Biden. Roddy like Big Pharma. Roddy like the government telling him to do something. Roddy like political science, which is real science. Roddy not skeptical of past government failures. Roddy know nothing about immunity but knows everything about personal pronouns. Roddy watch TV and listen to NPR. Roddy said Maddow told him ivermectin bad, gun shot victims piling up in rural Oklahoma. Roddy hate Joe Rogan. Roddy love Anderson Vanderbilt and Chris Cuomo. Roddy hate Republicans. Roddy think SNL is funny. Roddy lives in mom’s basement.