Los Angeles County Requires Vaccine Proof at Indoor Bars, Nightclubs & More

Los Angeles vaccine proof
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Los Angeles vaccine proof
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Photo Credit: Alonso Reyes

Los Angeles County health officials will require vaccine proof for admission to indoor bars, nightclubs, lounges, and more.

The health director announced the coming order on Wednesday. The new health directive also requires workers and attendees of mega-events with more than 10,000 people to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.

Attendees of indoor events like concerts and sports games with more than 1,000 are already required to show proof of vaccination in California as a whole. The Los Angeles County Health Director’s new order extends the safeguards to outdoor events as well. Outdoor mega-event organizers in the county have until October 7 to comply with the new requirements.

Bars, nightclubs, breweries, wineries, and lounges will require vaccine proof by October 7. That includes at least one dose of the vaccine by that date and fully vaccinated by November 4. L.A. County Health Director Barbara Ferrer says restaurants should verify vaccine status for indoor dining, but the county won’t require it.

“This modified health officer order aligns with the continued need to reduce risk for transmission and increase vaccination coverage,” Ferrer says. “This is a reasonable path forward that can position us to be better able to break the cycle of surges.”

Providing Vaccine Proof in LA County

  • The white CDC COVID-19 vaccination card
  • A photocopy of the CDC COVID-19 vaccination card
  • A photo of the vaccine card on a phone
  • Documentation of vaccination from a health care provider
  • Digital record that includes a QR code
  • Documentation of vaccination from contracted employers
  • The WHO yellow vaccination card

Ferrer says the new order will require nightclub bouncers to seek vaccine proof in addition to checking IDs before admittance. Outdoor venues will also have to comply with vaccine verification – but most festival organizers are ready to go forward with that.

The L.A. Philharmonic Association will require all audience members to be vaccinated or proof of a negative test starting September 24. Both Coachella and Stagecoach will require proof of full vaccination for concert attendees. Ferrer says nightclubs and bars were targeted with the new order because they have a higher risk of transmission.

“The bars, lounges, and nightclubs are just much higher risk because of the activities that people are engaged in,” Ferrer says. “I think venues do their best, but masking compliance is pretty low at the outdoor venues. There’s tons of exposure, people dancing, jumping close together for hours on end.”


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  1. Thom

    Makes sense. There’s still a pandemic, and it isn’t getting any better. It’s so simple – just get the vaccine and wear a mask. Not hard.

    Anyone who doesn’t get the vaccine and gets Covid shouldn’t be give medical care if it takes a bed from someone who actually tried. And if they do get admitted, they should foot the bill, not insurance.

  2. Dr Benway

    People like Thom are insane.

    Maybe Thom’s dad works for Pfizer. That’s probably it.