TikTok Adds Six Certified Sound Partners to Expand Commercial Music Library

TikTok Certified Sound Partners
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TikTok Certified Sound Partners
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Photo Credit: TikTok

TikTok has added six new certified Sound Partners to its commercial music library. Here’s a look at its new partners.

Music is an integral part of the TikTok platform, sparking global trends. The sound-focused nature of the platform means the company constantly needs new sounds for brands and its community. TikTok has expanded its Marketing Partners Program to welcome six certified Sound Partners for brands to help build sound-on strategies for TikTok.

TikTok’s Commercial Music Library includes over 150,000 pre-cleared, royalty-free tracks. This partnership will help expand the commercial music library in many surprising ways. According to a study from MRC Data, 65% of TikTokers prefer brands that feature original sounds. 68% say they remember a brand better when they feature songs they like in their videos.

TikTok Sound Partners offer custom sounds and subscription sound to support brand’s campaign objectives. “Sound is the universal language of TikTok, and brands need to embrace music and sound in order to show up authentically on the platform,” says Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystems for TikTok.

“Our new Sound Partners have a proven track record of helping marketers develop strategies for TikTok, and offer scalable options for brands of all sizes. We’re excited to see more brands tap into sound on TikTok and make meaningful connections with the community through creative, sound-on strategies,” Yang adds.

Custom Sound Partners

TikTok says its custom sound partners create bespoke tracks that inspire community participation and excitement. That can include hashtag challenges, campaigns, and much more.

  • KARM – A global music production company that specializes in custom tracks on TikTok. Made for the TikTok generation, KARM focuses its attention on making music for the platform.
  • MassiveMusic – A global music agency delivering everything a brand needs in the field of music, voice, and sound. MassiveMusic can help brands build their sonic brand identities on the platform.
  • The Elements Music – A sound agency that specializes in producing real records for media.

Subscription Sound Partners

TikTok’s Subscription Sound Partners offer flexible music offers through monthly, yearly, or project-based licensing plans.

  • Epidemic Sound – Epidemic Sound serves up high-quality music and sound effects for millions of content creators across the globe.
  • Songtradr – The fastest-growing B2B music platform in the world, delivering fresh music daily.
  • UnitedMasters – UnitedMasters is an independent music platform that gives creators access to premium music distribution services and opportunities to partner with major brands.

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