Polo G Charges $150,000 Per Show — Up From $85,000 Last Year

Polo G
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Polo G
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Photo Credit: Polo G Twitter

Rapper Polo G is now charging $150,000 as a performance fee – up from $85,000 last year.

The rapper’s most recent album, Hall of Fame, dropped in June and debuted at the top of the charts. Now his mom and manager is capitalizing on that success by increasing performance fees for the rapper. His mom — Sacia Mac — revealed that she feels the price is justified.

“His fee is now $150,000, and I remember the days when it was $5,000,” she says in a recent interview with Billboard. “We couldn’t cover travel accommodations and were in the hole. We arrived at his current fee with each of our successes. People of color are slighted. That’s a fact. What you have to do is stand firm on your worth.”

His mother and manager also discussed taking a commission for striking deals for her son. “I do [take a commission], and it wasn’t a hard discussion,” Mac says. “Our family is driven by love, morals, and boundaries.”

“Before becoming his manager, we signed a management contract to protect not only him, but myself. Business is business, whether it’s my son or anyone. I’m doing the work without getting anything handed to me. If anybody else was in this position, they would get a commission, so I don’t feel bad about it.”

Polo G’s feature cost was $85,000 in October 2020 – now up to $150,000.

“My feature price varies,” he says. “If I got somebody that I’ve been doing business with, that I’m locked in with, I’m willing to work with them on the price. But I just recently did a feature, not too long ago, for $150,000. I’m going to keep going up on the price for sure because I take everything that I do seriously, so I know you gonna get a good verse out of me.”

Polo G was recently featured on a collaborative single with Eminem, Mozzy, and Skylar Grey. “Last One Standing” also appeared on the Venom: Let There Be Carnage soundtrack. That movie was originally slated to drop on October 15, but the release was moved up to October 1.

13 Responses

  1. Reality Chick

    Charge what you want, but if nobody is paying it, what’s the point?

    • Rugby D

      Never heard of this guy. Another fake it til you make it “artist”.

      • Nevaan

        This is one of the most talented artists in the world, If you really think that your head must be empty. The hardwork from polo g is insane

      • Polo G

        have you heard oh his verse? Don’t you know Polo G, skinny-tall with the dreads That lil ni*** be rappin’ his ass off

  2. The Man

    “People of color are slighted”

    Bwaaa hah aha ha ahha hha hah ha hahh aaa hhaaa!

    • Common Sense

      So, they’re not? Generational wealth isn’t a real thing? The educational system hasn’t favored non-whites for decades? Cmon, get real.

      Laugh all you want, but you’re the joke.

      • The Man

        Polo G’s mom was agreeing to those rates. If she couldn’t cover her expenses in the early days, that’s her problem for not turning down the gig. It’s not a race thing. It’s an industry thing. When you’re just starting out, nobody wants to pay anything, and people like Polo G’s mom agree to it because they want exposure. She should be thankful, but instead she runs her mouth. The IRS should audit her.

        • Jaime

          the idiot police should audit you and your mom…for obvious reasons

  3. gagag

    best of luck if you can pull the price and people go to your shows great…but this is not real…i a ready to see all the fan phone clips of these and past shows…waiiiit…where r they??

  4. We Gon b Aight

    So used to them Grey clouds iMight fuk around drop the top in the rain !