New York City Says Goodbye to Its Last Country Music Radio Station

NYC Country music radio station
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NYC Country music radio station
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Photo Credit: Florian Wehde

The last country music radio station in New York City is no more.

Audacy Inc. has converted WNSH-FM 94.7 is now branded ‘The Block.’ It’s described as New York’s #1 for throwbacks – music from the early ’90s a la Hot 97. “From the Apollo Theater to Lincoln Center, everyone is listening,” says a one-liner promotional for the radio station.

The Block will offer songs and artists that are synonymous with New York’s iconic hip-hop culture and that still strongly resonate with listeners today across all generations,” says Chris Oliviero, Senior Vice President and Market Manager for Audacy in New York.

“This was an opportunity to add a quintessential New York sound to our audio portfolio that has been missing in the area, while at the same time continuing to engage with our New York country audience through HD and digital platforms,” Oliviero adds.

Audacy has made similar changes across the country in Chicago and San Francisco. WBMX-FM ‘104.3 Jams’ is now on its fourth year of offering throwback hits in the Windy City. Just a week ago, San Francisco’s KITS-FM changed to the Adult Hits format, saying goodbye to the Alternative format after 35 years.

Listeners of the former ‘Country 94.7’ format can continue to listen on WNSH HD2. However, on-air personalities are no longer available for listening. WNSH had been a country radio station since January 2013, enjoying format exclusivity among NYC FM stations. Nashville music fans living in the city welcomed the station – but it has lost its luster in the last 24 months.

NYC suburbs still have WKMK-FM ‘Thunder 106’ for their country music listening. It’s also the number one ranked music station in its market.

23 Responses

  1. Stella Bennardello

    Just what ny needs. ANOTHER HIP HOP

    bring back a traditional country station with music including 70 s 80s and 90s

    • Anonymous

      Your new music station SUCKS !!!!
      Bring Back Country Rich Martin

  2. Brett Outlaw McGee

    Supply and demand. Who listens to country in NYC? If you don’t like, it start your own radio station.

  3. Dee

    Such a shame that we lost another great country music radio station here in the metro NY area. It’s always about the $$ with you guys. Well I certainly won’t be tuning in to your rebranded hip hop station, that’s for sure. If I wanted retro music that’s what I have Alexa for. Guess I’ll have to get all my music from Amazon now.

    • Marty

      yeah, it is about the money. if a station can’t sustain, it goes away. The same thing happens in retail and any other business or charity. buh bye

  4. Coco

    If you’re going to replace this station with a “Hip Hop” station, get djs that play actual classics, not garbage. Very disappointing.

      • Sonia Perez

        Why don’t you find your own station for classic hip hop. I have listened to all kinds of genera and this is not classic hip hop. Do you know the meaning of classic?

  5. Me

    94.7 will never be on my radio again! Bring back New York’s Country! We didn’t need ANOTHER hip hop station!!!

    • LD

      Looking for another Country Music station…too old for HipHop with vulgar lyrics while driving young grandchildren around.

  6. Jenna

    The new station sucks. Never more disappointed.
    What the hell is that anyway?

  7. et

    Missing the country western music, especially when I’m driving. Replacement is terrible. What a disappointment.

  8. Anonymous

    Please bring back my country station it’s the only music I like

  9. Linda McKenna

    New radio station is horrible, bring back Country music…

  10. Candy

    Please bring back the country music!! Us older folks were brought up listening to country music. I don’t really like all of the other music. I love the oldies music and country. They didn’t have a right to take it off the air!! Find another Ny station for it.

  11. Sonia

    There are enough stations playing hip hop. Why not leave well enough alone. By the way not everyone has an up to date vehicles that can play I heart or audacy stations. “New York’s iconic hip-hop culture and that still strongly resonate with listeners today across all generations,” says Chris Oliviero, Senior Vice President and Market Manager for Audacy in New York.” This statement, really? so promoting bad language, violence is okay for the radio or anywhere? When I saw the music awards and allowing artist to dance erotic and sing in a way that is not meant for children. Oh and hip hop classics have stations on iheart radio, so why can’t you listen to it on there. Believe it or not, that is true classic. So stop the nonsense of changing stations into something the public does not need. You are acting as if there was a vote from the public, when you are only speaking on assumptions.

  12. KML

    Bring back my country music station. My morning commute has been boring without my country. Please bring it back now

  13. Erin

    I love this new station! Obviously, I’m in the minority reading all these comments. I totally understand where everyone is coming from though. If I liked country music I’d be pissed too. I’m in my early 40’s so most of the music being played now was from my high school and college years and is bringing back lots of memories

  14. MIKE

    I guess I listen to KAT country 96.1 now. Who likes hip hop?????!!!!

  15. Jano1

    I so totally agree with all those who are upset that our radio listening days will never be the same again. I switch the dial up; I switch it down; all I hear is junk – to my ears. It’s perhaps ok for someone, but clearly a bunch of us want our old music preferences back. Please, someone with influence, get it back!! Thank you. JG