SPIN Media Launches Artist-Driven Multimedia Lounge With Vertigo

Rufus Du Sol exclusive interview on Vertigo Music app
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Rufus Du Sol exclusive interview on Vertigo Music app
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Photo Credit: Vertigo Music

Social listening app teams up with storied music and entertainment media company to create new, unique promotional opportunities that boosts artists’ streams and media outlets’ engagement options.

The following article comes from Vertigo, a proud partner of DMN.

What if you could hear and see more from your favorite artists you discover on SPIN? And what if every time you did, that artist gained a stream on one of the major music services?

Vertigo has done just that, creating a new promotional tool for artists and media outlets that translates directly into more streams and revenue for artists. To put this tool to work, Vertigo has teamed up with SPIN Media in a partnership that promises to maximize the power of streaming music experiences. Using Vertigo’s stream amplification system and cutting-edge audio synchronization technology, the legendary music media company developed multimedia content around SPIN’s October cover artist, RÜFÜS DU SOL. SPIN debuted an exclusive interview with RÜFÜS DU SOL where the band shared a deep track introspective. You can catch this segment in the SPIN Lounge on Vertigo.

“Vertigo’s high-tech platform and focus on a community experience for fans and artists is second to none,” says CEO Jimmy Hutcheson. “We’re thrilled to work with them in taking our content to a new level in terms of both fan engagement and entertainment.”

The benefits to artists and fans are clear. When listeners sync up on Vertigo, the social listening app, the royalties flow to artists, every single time someone views or listens to content. Users can join each other through their Apple Music or Spotify accounts for virtual listening parties or hook up with their favorite creators in real-time Artist Lounges. With each play counting as a unique paid stream, events hosted through Vertigo are exponentially more impactful to an artist’s revenue stream than any static livestream. “Vertigo amplifies the success of any given musical experience,” says CEO Daniel Yen. “Not only does it close the physical gap between listeners, it builds musicians’ streaming revenue to make events worthwhile on multiple levels.”

As with other Artist Lounges, SPIN’s Lounge will generate streaming revenue for artists, with each user listening as a track plays during an artist interview. That streaming revenue will only build as music lovers discover their favorite artists’ cover stories over time. By watching and rewatching play after play, fans can pour out more royalties and artists can engage an increasingly enthusiastic fanbase.

SPIN’s new Vertigo lounge shows both platforms setting a new standard for music press, showcasing artists and their work in dynamic digital contexts.

About Vertigo

Vertigo is an innovative, free, social music app for iOS and Android, that brings music fans together to listen simultaneously, and generate streams on Spotify and Apple Music. Anyone with a Spotify Premium or Apple Music account can stream perfectly in-sync with their favorite artist and friends.

Vertigo is part of Halogen, a venture studio company with projects in artist development, publishing, and other areas of the music business.

About SPIN

SPIN is one of the most recognizable names in music journalism and pop culture. In early 2020 SPIN launched a new generation for the legendary media group, putting the brand back where it belongs at the center of the cultural zeitgeist. Recent digital covers have featured some of today’s biggest stars, like Run the Jewels, Machine Gun Kelly, and Kehlani, coupled with in-depth interviews, fresh editorial, merchandise, events, and original video content.