Deezer & RTL Partner for Completely Integrated Audio Service

Deezer RTL partnership
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Deezer RTL partnership
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Photo Credit: Deezer

French music streaming service Deezer has struck a partnership with German broadcaster RTL.

The partnership will see Deezer serving up music, audio books, and radio plays as a ‘cross-media extension of RTL+.’ RTL+ subscribers will be able to access Deezer Premium features and recommended content. That includes access to Deezer’s personalized soundtrack feature called Flow, all channels, compilations, and curated playlists featured by Deezer editors.

The RTL partnership with Deezer is part of a broader expansion on the German broadcaster’s part.

RTL is tripling its content investment to $700 million annually to launch a multi-service streaming platform. That includes television series from RTL, ebooks from Random House, magazines from Gruner + Jahr, and music powered by Deezer.

“RTL+ will offer users an integrated entertainment experience with all the content they love in one seamless package,” says Deezer CEO Jeronimo Folgueira. “We’re proud to be on this journey together with RTL and look forward to bringing our content to millions of German consumers. The partnership with RTL Deutschland represents the next step in our B2B growth strategy.”

“Deezer is uniquely positioned to be able to offer consumer brands the flexibility and customization they need. We have one of the most extensive music catalogs in the world, supported by a wide range of original and exclusive content. We’re proud to be an industry-leading partner for consumer brands like RTL, and the whole Deezer team looks forward to making this partnership a success.”

Deezer has worked closely with RTL Deutschland to ensure a smooth and efficient integration with RTL+. In order to achieve this, our team developed a brand new technical toolkit, which includes new APIs and SDKs that will be used by the RTL+ team when building the service.

Deezer’s team is working closely together with RTL on the project and will continue to support and improve the app going forward to make sure that RTL+ customers can enjoy the best entertainment experience on the market.

Deezer is also increasing its stake in the livestreaming market in recent months. In May 2021, Deezer became a cornerstone investor in DREAMSTAGE, a US-based live music streaming start up. Later in October 2021, the company bought a minority stake in Driift, which launched in August 2020.


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