Julien’s Auctions’ Amy Winehouse Auction Brings in $4 Million

Amy Winehouse auction
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Amy Winehouse auction
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Photo Credit: Samuel regan-Asante

A collection of over 800 items worn by singer Amy Winehouse has sold for $4 million at auction.

The collection of items includes dresses, shoes, and jewelry worn by the singer in photo shoots and on stage. Julien’s Auctions says the collection fetched over $4 million – with the biggest seller being the dress from her final stage performance.

That dress was from her 2011 Summer Festival Tour performance in Belgrade and sold for $243,200. Julien’s says that price is 16 times the original estimate for the dress, valued at $15,000. The auction description for the dress says it is a “custom-made figure-hugging halter mini dress designed by Winehouse’s designer and stylist, Naomi Parry, [which] has a bamboo and floral print on silk incorporated into a Spanx dress.”

Amy Winehouse Auction Items

Some other popular items include a red leather heart-shaped purse the singer used at the 2007 Brit Awards. It sold for $204,800 – 13 times the original estimate of $15,000. Here’s a small selection of some of the other items featured in this Amy Winehouse auction collection.

  • Floral gold lamé D&G stage-worn dress sold for $150,000.
  • Temperly London tan and black jumpsuit sold for $121,600.
  • A skirt she wore sold for $11,250.
  • Tan peep toe heels sold for $38,400.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

The Julien’s Auction took place in Beverly Hills, with fans and collectors bidding live and in person. The Foundation was established by the singer’s parents, Mitch and Janis Winehouse, to raise awareness about addiction problems among young adults.

Several items sold this weekend will be heading to the ‘Amy: Beyond the Stage’ exhibition at the Design Museum in London. That exhibition kicks off on November 26, and afterwards, the winning items will be delivered to their bidders.

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