BandLab Acquires ReverbNation From Parent Company eMinor

BandLab acquires ReverbNation
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BandLab acquires ReverbNation
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Photo Credit: BandLab

BandLab has acquired artist services platform ReverbNation from its parent company eMinor in a deal effective immediately.

BandLab says the deal will help accelerate the company’s artist services. It will build out features like artist-to-fan subscriptions and BandLab distribution. ReverbNation artists will continue to enjoy uninterrupted services and will see the seamless integration of ReverbNation’s features into BandLab’s creator capabilities. eMinor will focus on other software businesses, including its rapidly growing youth sports platform, PlayMetrics.

“We are very excited to welcome ReverbNationn’s community to BandLab,” says CEO of BandLab Technologies, Meng Kuok. “We have a clear vision of the role BandLab plays in supporting creators worldwide, today and into the future.”

Kuok continues, “Artist services are a key part of that plan, as evidenced by our recently announced subscriptions and distribution offerings. This acquisition allows us to accelerate BandLab’s product roadmap and further enable us to break down technical, geographic, and creative barriers facing musicians and fans.”

In September, BandLab introduced BandLab Subscriptions and the BandLab Distribution features. The subscriptions feature allows artists to offer exclusive content to their fans for a monthly fee. BandLab Distribution offers indie artists the ability to self-distribute their music onto every major music platform for a flat fee.

eMinor CEO Mike Doernberg says BandLab was the perfect fit for ReverbNation’s artist services platform. “When BandLab approached us with [its] thesis for integrating ReverbNation and BandLab, it made complete sense – especially for our artists.”

“BandLab is a natural fit. ReverbNation has long been the standard for artist promotion and growth tools. Since its evolution from a startup in 2006 to a mature, profitable business today, it has continually innovated.”

So far, no further details on the deal have been announced. BandLab is a social music platform that enables creators to make and share music globally with fans.

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  1. thedenmaster

    wow not a word about plans. reverb nation is going to be the next n1m hahahah this horse is becoming glue

  2. Wendy R

    More of the same bs. These are all of very little benefit to creatives; more about investors and moving money around, getting tax write-offs and money laundering.