Starbucks Introduces ‘Taylor’s Version’ Latte as Latest Fast Food Promotion

Taylor Swift Starbucks latte drink
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Taylor Swift Starbucks latte drink
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Photo Credit: Starbucks

Starbucks and Taylor Swift is the latest fast food x music cross-promotion deal.

Starbucks teamed up with Swift for ‘Taylor’s Version’ of their caramel latte – and to promote the re-release of her Red album. Starting November 12, Swifties can pick up Taylor Swift’s favorite Starbucks drink – a Grande Caramel Nonfat Latte. Just requesting ‘Taylor’s Latte’ or ‘Taylor’s Version’ will get the order started.

Starbucks has also announced it will play Red (Taylor’s Version) and other Taylor Swift hits at Starbucks locations. They’re also launching a themed playlist on Spotify for Swifties to enjoy. Finally, fans can send Starbucks e-gifts featuring the artist.

Starbucks teased the promotion by dropping several hints for fans to pick up on. “We know all too well how exciting this time of year is, and we’ll forever & always love it. Our red holiday cups and drinks are back!” one tweet reads. But it also contains clever references to Taylor Swift songs “All Too Well” and “Forever & Always.”

The original Red album featured 16 tracks, but Red (Taylor’s Version) features 30 tracks. There are musical collaborations with Phoebe Bridgers, Gary Lightbody, Ed Sheeran, and Chris Stapleton. Nine previously unreleased songs that didn’t make the cut in 2012 are also included on this newest release.

Red (Taylor’s Version) is the second in a series of re-recording projects for Taylor Swift. In April, she topped the charts with Fearless (Taylor’s Version). She plans to revisit all of her early albums in a bid to regain ownership of the work she released under her former label, Big Machine Records.

Scooter Braun acquired the master recordings of Swift’s fix six albums in 2019. Swift objected to the sale and lashed out in a long Tumblr post to make her feelings known. She later confirmed in 2020 that Braun has sold the master recordings to Shamrock Holdings.

“It never would have been possible to go back and remake my previous work, uncovering lost art and forgotten gems along the way if you hadn’t emboldened me,” Swift told her fans on Twitter. “Red is about to be mine again, but it has always been ours. Now we begin again.”

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  1. El Senor Succatash

    Two reasons I will not buy this coffee: Charbucks and Taylor Swift.

    I do not support socialism.