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is Britney Spears free
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is Britney Spears free
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Photo Credit: Britney Spears Twitter

Is Britney Spears free? Yep, a 13-year conservatorship was terminated by a judge.

Judge Brenda Penny in Los Angeles Superior Court grainted Spears’ petition to terminate the conservatorship on Friday, November 12. The pop-star can now regain control of her health, work, and her estimated $60 million estate. Her attorney Mathew Rosengart worked to terminate the conservatorship at her wishes.

“What’s next for Britney – and this is the first time this could be said for a decade – is up to one person: Britney,” Rosengart said in a press conference outside the courthouse. Thousands of fans gathered outside the courthouse to celebrate the victory with the pop idol. “Good God I love my fans so much, it’s crazy,” Spears wrote on Twitter. “Best day ever.”

Some reports suggest Spears isn’t resting on her laurels now that she’s regained control of her life. Sources familiar with her case say the 39-year-old has hired a forensic accountant and intends to sue her father for conservatorship abuse.

“She blames her father for, effectively, ruining her life for the past 13 years,” that source told the Daily Mail. But Britney Spears has made her feelings about the arrangement well-known on Instagram. In fact, Spears herself blames her mother for giving her father the idea to put her in a conservatorship in the first place.

“The moment I smile and I realize I haven’t in a very long time, my mom gets so concerned and says ‘you’re acting weird, what’s wrong with you?’ I say, ‘Hi, my name is Britney Spears nice to finally meet you!'”

“Before I go any further, forgive me in advance, it’s been 13 years and I’m a little rusty. It was a family business before, it’s no longer that anymore. I was BORN today ’cause I get to smile, so thank you for exiting out of my life and finally allowing me to live mine. Pssst, do I know how mean I sound? Yes I 100 billion percent do.”

“My dad may have started the conservatorship 13 years ago, but what people don’t know is that my mom is the one who gave him the idea!!!,” Britney Spears wrote on Instagram.

“I will never get those years back, she secretly ruined my life. And yes I will call her and Lou Taylor out on it, so take your whole ‘I had no idea what’s going on’ attitude and go f*ck yourself. You know exactly what you did. My dad is not smart enough to ever think of a conservatorship.”

Sources close to the singer say she will file a lawsuit against Jamie Spears very soon. Mr. Spears has denied any wrong-doing in managing his daughter’s estate. So far, Spears’ attorney has issued no comment on her plans to sue her father. “It’s up to Britney. But we would still like to get him [Jamie] under oath and question him.”

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  1. Dean Hajas

    Let the rats of the #Music industry know: Pharrell Williams @ChadHugo @GaryFurniss @EricBaptiste SOCAN Music @EricKevine @BruceScavuzzo Audacious RecordsEmi Publishing @DaveAude #Zombarecords #jiverecords you collectively stole my song that was turned into I’m A Slave U and buried the melody in the 2001 version. Suddenly 4 years later, without credit to Pharrell Williams, or Dave Aude, my entire mix, melody, driving signature beat and arrangement shows up.
    You all are guilty of attempting to destroy both my musical career and Britney Spears life.
    My mission is to get to have our moment of conversation to bring her the truth of what all these shit heads did. Your #karma is coming bitches.

    • Slami

      Umm, I would believe your story better if you explained it in less-angry terms. Was SOCAN complicit in the theft of your song? I would want to avoid them, but the American PROs seem to be the biggest aholes. Your song was registered as X, and turned up as a Britney song?

    • Idiot Detector

      And you’re an idiot for having any opinion about this since you have zero knowledge about it.

  2. El Senor Succatash

    The stupid has-been will be back in the looney bin quickly. And, she will smell from all of the uncleaned violations she will allow.

    • Kyle R

      You sound incredibly ignorant and jealous. She has made more money than you’ll ever see. Oh wait, the last sentence was about your mom.

      • El Senor Succatash

        Go put on some makeup and go to your gender-identity help group meeting.

      • Spitney Rears

        She has lost more money than 99.95% of the world will ever see. She’s clearly not that…anything. She’s just a hobo born hot for a while who thought that made her a genius. Her dad would’ve liberated her if he thought she could handle it in adulthood, unless he’s a complete psycho, which doesn’t speak well for her genetics. She was under watch for a reason. This will be hilarious to watch, as the spinner spins out extra hard and ugly, although she is an older mom, so maybe she can keep it together, but it seems like her behavior is already suspect.

        Remember, these kind of deals usually happen because a naive wackjob like Britney attracts scum like flies. She attracts all the worst people, and since she has no real artistic chops or identity, she’s all about the appearance, which she is WAY past being able to sell on their own. JLO is not that talented either, except as an actress. JLO has a personality, even if her music was always pretty bad. Britney doesn’t even have that. She can’t be in movies. Her music will be garbage without the best producers. Someone will work with her, she’ll get one charity hit from the public, and then the spinnout will begin, Any reports how much pharma she’s stuck to? She must be stuck to some. That slope is usually a permanently slippery one.

        As noted, she’s an empty shell. No one old or young with a brain needs her for entertainment. She’s got her lost fans. The only guy I never knew who admired Britney Spears apart from all the guys that slobbered over her killed himself. She was a little snot on the America’s Got Talent show. She’s just so backwoods pedestrian. Her looks were amazing. THat’s what it all was about, but it was over so long ago, and there’s no indication she’s developed or grown up at all, other than the usual press releases. I barely ever see her really smile. She’s like the sad elephant at the circus, or the donkey in the donkey ride that’s been ride until it can barely stand. She could’ve used her money and position to get a real education, but why would she? She’s too lazy and trailer to care about getting a real education and growing. Her brain is just static, growing not at all. America generates millions of these sad sacks.

  3. Spitney Rears.

    I’d like to be free of her utter lack of musical talent, far over-covered ho-dom, and her moronic fans that think the figurehead of their pathetic youth was really worth paying lifetime attention to. Please just stop it. She was a psychotic and prob still is. Who’s got the best on how long until trainwreck status? 6 months? 1 year? 3 years? 5?

    One thing we know, her music was always a 4 at best, although the songs that were professionally written for her were….professional, at least.