VEVA Sound Partners With PPL, MLC, Jaxsta, NSAI, The Creative Passport & More to Dramatically Expand Song Credits Collection

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Building upon its pioneering efforts to improve music credits – and eliminate unmatched royalties – at the label level, VEVA Sound has inked partnership agreements with the PPL, the MLC, and more as part of a broader creator-focused expansion.

Besides these high-profile partnerships with Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) and the Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC), VEVA Sound has struck deals with the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), copyright platform Cosynd, credits database Jaxsta, and Imogen Heap’s The Creative Passport digital-ID company.

Students, for their part, can subscribe to VEVA Collect Pro for free by using the promo code provided by their schools. (The opportunity, part of the overarching VEVA Collect for Higher Education campaign, remains open to partner colleges.) And additional partnerships, VEVA told Digital Music News, are on the way.

VEVA Collect functions as a one-stop collaboration and project-management platform, prioritizing the upfront onboarding of metadata and crediting information to prevent royalty headaches down the line.

That’s something that artists and songwriters desperately need, which is why DMN was eager to join forces with VEVA to trumpet their latest dealmaking expansion. VEVA’s Check-In App enables creators to automatically add their credits to projects, and VEVA Collect then compiles these secure credits (and metadata) according to DDEX standards, giving users the option of exporting directly to labels and distributors. Plus, VEVA Collect comes equipped with a comprehensive file-sharing (and storage) function as well as the ability to fill in credits retroactively.

Consequently, VEVA Sound’s newly finalized partnerships bring far-reaching implications for the many artists, songwriters, and composers who are already plugged into the PPL, the MLC, the NSAI, and the other listed organizations. With VEVA Collect’s tools, the creators will be able to assure that they receive credit – and hard-earned royalties – for each of their projects, thereby avoiding time-consuming hassles in the future.

Regarding the nuances of VEVA Sound’s latest deals, the pact with London’s PPL includes support for members’ International Performer Number (IPN) global identifiers, which users can add directly to metadata via the crediting-centric platform.

Meanwhile, MLC-registered professionals, by using the promo code “MLCVEVA” during signup, can receive 50 percent off the first three months of any VEVA Collect subscription. NSAI-enrolled songwriters can benefit from the same 50 percent discount with promo code “NSAImember,” and the NSAI and VEVA Collect also partnered on a presentation featuring “Black Moon Rising” writers Shelly Fairchild, K.S. Rhoads, and Emily West.

As previously noted, VEVA Sound is preparing to announce further partnerships – including one agreement with a stateside royalty-distribution company – which are poised to help even more creators optimize their metadata and secure the payments that they’re owed.

“I am very happy to announce our first integration with a credit capture software company, in this case VEVA Sound,” remarked Imogen Heap, founder of The Creative Passport. “It truly understands the importance of empowering the music maker to get their credits right then and there. Using your Creative Passport to share information means that there is no need to sign up to yet another separate service to verify who you are. This is the beginning of a simpler life we so strive to bring for music makers regarding their admin! This is about getting the credit info right in the session, virtually or in person to ultimately help you create your RIN message.”

Deborah Fairchild, VEVA Sound President, was equally pumped-up about the Creative Passport tie-up. “We are thrilled to integrate with The Creative Passport,” Fairchild said. “What Imogen, Carlotta and the team has built, allowing everyone’s digital identity to flow seamlessly into recording sessions and creative works, is an important next step to easily give credit where credit is due. We see this collaboration as a viable representation in the interoperability between music tech companies focused on empowering creators.”

Owing to the current billions in unmatched royalties – and continued metadata deficiencies, which are increasing the total – the music industry’s missing-credits problem won’t be solved overnight. 

But VEVA Collect’s diverse features are making it easier than ever for creators to receive credit in the digital-driven professional landscape, and each user signup and third-party partnership represents a major step in the right direction. As contemporary creators move to receive their owed compensation, they’re paving the way for the artists, songwriters, and composers of tomorrow.

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  1. Dean Hajas

    Has me right up until this initiative charges in a subscription base model.

    It’s great that the set up does what PRO’s – CMO’s struggle with. However:how about take your 10% after the sale, not up front. It’s a cloak and dagger system attempting to get rich off of the numbers game.

    I say ..”go Audius – Opus” get paid when you get played. Opus is directly related to the MLC as well. No fees guys and gals