Stella McCartney Drops a Beatles Merch Collection — $105 Socks, $375 Sneakers, $1,095 Sweatpants

Stella McCartney Beatles Merch
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Stella McCartney Beatles Merch
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Photo Credit: Stella McCartney

Fashion designer Stella McCartney has debuted a new Beatles merch collection.

The collection is tied to the release of the documentary “The Beatles: Get Back,” which hit Disney+ last month. The fashion collection by the daughter of Paul McCartney features t-shirts, pants, sweaters, a bomber jacket, and socks. 

“To me, Get Back is about so much more than just a song or a concert,” Stella McCartney told Hero. “It’s the timeless story of lifelong friends coming together to create something incredible with laughter and utter fearlessness whilst standing at the forefront of change.”

The documentary was created by Peter Jackson, who was given access to over 60 hours of unseen footage and 150 hours of unheard audio recordings.

The three-part film tells the story of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr planning their final album, “Let It Be” and their first live show in more than three years. 

The Beatles merch collection is available on Mccartney’s website through Net-a-Porter.

But you better be ready to plunk down a pretty penny for some of the items in the collection. Here’s just a few things we saw on our quick perusal of the site:

  • $105 Beatles socks
  • $2,085 Beatles Cotton Coat
  • $775 Acid-Washed Beatles High-Rise Jeans
  • $750 Beatles Canvas Bag
  • $1,095 Cotton Sweater
  • $350 Beatles Bucket Hat
  • $895 Beatles Tie-Died Cotton Jersey Hoodie
  • $495 Beatles Tie-Tied T-Shirt
  • $765 Beatles Reclypse Shoes

That’s a hefty price for some Beatles merch, but maybe not since Stella McCartney designed it.

The collection celebrates the eight-hour documentary about the Beatles, but Yoko Ono is a persistent theme. But not one die-hard fans have long accused of breaking up the Beatles. 

“She never has opinions about the stuff they’re doing,” Jackson said in an interview with 60 Minutes about the documentary. “She’s a very benign presence, and she doesn’t interfere in the slightest.” Jackson says his series is a documentary about a documentary. So why not have an insanely overpriced fashion collection to celebrate it?