Trey Songz, Diddy Face $20 Million Sexual Assault Lawsuit

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Trey Songz performing live in New Jersey. Photo Credit: Mikey Hennessy

Trey Songz and Diddy are officially facing a $20 million sexual assault lawsuit from a woman named Jauhara Jeffries, who has accused Songz of assaulting her in a nightclub in early 2018.

The plaintiff first filed the lawsuit (as “Jane Doe”) back in January of 2020, demanding $10 million in damages. But Jeffries just recently submitted this updated ($20 million) action to a Florida federal court, naming as defendants (besides Trey Songz and Diddy) a Miami nightclub and “an entity that provided security personnel” for Songz at the time of the alleged assault. (It should be noted here that the plaintiff’s first name is spelled “Jahuara” at the filing’s very top and “Jauhara” thereafter.)

“The instant case mirrors in some ways the relationship of Ghislaine Maxwell to Epstein,” the firmly worded complaint maintains at the outset, for “just as Maxwell is alleged to have secured victims for Epstein’s pleasure, it seems Sean Combs’s and E11even nightclub’s actions in part precipitated the events that led to the sexual abuse of” Jeffries.

This “shocking and horrific” episode took place during the early hours of the morning on New Year’s Day in 2018, the 20-page-long suit notes off the bat, when the plaintiff attended a party at Diddy’s home on Star Island. After arriving at the event at about 1:45 AM, Jeffries at 4 AM “called an Uber to take her and some friends to the E11even nightclub,” the text indicates.

Trey Songz allegedly “overheard a conversation between” Jeffries and her friends, at which point he purportedly invited the plaintiff and another individual “to ride to [sic] with him to” the defendant nightclub. Observing that “Songz was likely intoxicated,” the plaintiff says that she nevertheless accepted the offer because a member of the “Slow Motion” artist’s “security team was driving the vehicle transporting them.”

Once at the club, 37-year-old Trey Songz – who’s faced other sexual assault allegations – allegedly invited Jeffries to “a private table,” to which the nightclub “provided food and bottle service.” And while the plaintiff claims that she opted to drink “water only,” Trey Songz is alleged to have “continued to drink although he already appeared intoxicated.”

Regarding the alleged assault, as the plaintiff and her friends were dancing atop a couch – something that’s “common” at Miami nightclubs, per the action – the suing party, who “was wearing a dress with a high slit up the back,” noticed Songz “standing on the floor next to her,” the complaint relays.

“She then felt fingers being inserted into her vagina, turned around, and saw Defendant Songs [sic] pulling his hand away from her bottom. … Plaintiff immediately got off of the couch, sat down, and was in a state of shock.” (Worth disclosing is that the aforementioned first version of the lawsuit centered on Trey Songz’s “attempting to insert his fingers into Jane Doe’s vagina without her consent or permission.”)

And after learning through conversation that “another woman who was also in attendance” had suffered the same alleged abuse, the plaintiff states that she and others in the group were allegedly ordered by Songz to depart the club for his vehicle. “While still in shock,” Jeffries then took a center seat in said vehicle and, after Songz “removed his shirt,” began recording him “for her own safety,” fearful of “more assault,” the text indicates.

Finally, Songz allegedly became angry and “attempted to forcibly remove the phone” before ordering his driver to stop the vehicle and kick out Jeffries, who allegedly sustained “scrapes on her legs” upon hitting the ground. During the incident, Songz allegedly “threatened and ridiculed” Jeffries, pushed her out, and “threw water in her face.”

In terms of Diddy’s role in the alleged crime, the Sean John owner purportedly “had a duty to exercise reasonable care in serving alcoholic beverages.” A representative for Songz, who is signed to Warner Music’s Atlantic Records, denied the allegations when speaking with HipHopDX – which WMG bought last year, it bears highlighting.