Bad Bunny Concert Called ‘Super-Spreader’ In Puerto Rico — 4,600% Increase in COVID Cases

Bad Bunny Puerto Rico concert
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Bad Bunny Puerto Rico concert
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Photo Credit: Bad Bunny

A Bad Bunny concert in Puerto Rico is being called a super-spreader event.

The New York Times reports that Puerto Rico is facing a 4,600% increase in new coronavirus cases. Around 2,000 people have reported becoming ill after attending the Bad Bunny concert – where a crowd of 60,000 gathered. Around three-quarters of the adult population in Puerto Rico has received at least two vaccine doses.

“The concert was one of a series of business events, company holiday parties, and family gatherings that fueled a 4,600% increase in cases on the island, a surge that public health officials worry could linger into the New Year,” The New York Times report reads.

The Bad Bunny concert took place on December 10 and December 11 at the Estadio Hiram Bithorn, and strict COVID-19 protocols were in place. “Those who don’t wear a mask will be removed from the event and fined $100,” the organizers of the event said.

But Billboard reports that while Bad Bunny concert attendees did follow those rules inside the stadium, once outside, they ditched the masks.

“On the event’s first night when Billboard was in attendance, the majority of attendees ditched their masks once at their seats,” Billboard notes. Billboard also reports that staff was strict about checking COVID-19 vaccination status at the entrance, but the mask mandate was not enforced once inside.

“Daily cases per 100,000 people in Puerto Rico jumped from 3 to 225 in just three weeks, and hospitalizations are starting to increase,” tweeted Rafael Irizarry, a Harvard University statistician who records COVID-19 data.

“I first noticed something going on on December 13, and I alerted the Department of Health,” Irizarry told The New York Times. “By the 14 and 15, it was obvious. I called the guy who runs the database and said, ‘Is there some kind of glitch in the database?'”

COVID-19 protocols on the island are going into stricter measures. Governor Pedro R. Pierluisi has ordered restaurants to reduce capacity. Large public events like the Bad Bunny concert require vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test. Passengers who arrive on the island must show a negative test taken within 48 hours before their arrival, regardless of their vaccination status.

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  1. Pepe

    Isn’t it lovely how “diverse” and “accepting” millennials are until someone offers a differing opinion?

    Manipulated successfully by socialists and communists running Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

  2. Will

    Stupid asshole bunny trying to profit during the pandemic.

    Anyone who knowingly has and spreads the Covid virus that results in illness and/or death should be charged.

  3. Pepe

    Omicron is 83% LESS likely to cause hospitalization than Delta.

    Delta was nothing more than a case of the sniffles…..

    • Reality Chuck

      So, large numbers of people getting sick, missing work, and hurting the economy is ok? You’ve got a serious mental block.

      • Keywords

        People have always gotten sick and missed work. This is nothing new.

        If I got 4 polio “vaccine” shots in the past year, and then got polio, I’d be questioning the “vaccine” and the people who want to force everybody to take it.

        I bet you think you’re smarter than everybody else because you watch TV and voted for that pedophile with dementia. Say hi to your mom when you go upstairs.

        • Anonymous

          Very awkward comment! Those who use the ‘if’ situations are an open book to lack of knowledge and education. Let me state your own words back at ya’ “ I bet you think you’re smarter than everybody else”. Your comment is a pathetic light of who you as a human really are! I can guarantee those people that know you personally quietly see a degraded individual. If you like this Bunny dude, we understand your degradation of others and the sewage music of Bunny. Your poor family!!

        • Idiot Detector

          Pedophilia is only brought by people who have no other valid argument or intelligent comment to make. You’ve proven yourself yet again.

        • Blovine

          People have never gotten sick at this rate. Do your research.

  4. Pepe

    CDC says 75% of Covid deaths were people who had at least FOUR comorbidities.

    Yes, this was a scamdemic from the start.

    • Dapper Dan

      And, CDC says they knew this from the beginning! Yet, all Twitter/Facebook/CNN reported were fake statistics.

      Anyone who still believes in this plandemic is either profiting from it or works for George Soros.

      • Idiot Detector

        Ha ha ha! You mentioned Soros. You’re the sheep. Idiot, following the real lies and trying to justify your belief with more lies. Big dummy.

        • Maryann Baranski

          People who bring up Bill Gates and George Soros are the ones who love to turn a blind eye to those individuals and groups who are really profiting from this virus, like Trump and his friends, Dan Boningo, Joe Rogan, anti-vax/anti-mask people and conservative news channels who pump out false information and outright lies. Numbers don’t lie if you really want the truth.

      • Idiot Detector

        Would have died anyways. COVID did not cause those deaths. Follow the science, tard.