Cardi B Defamation Lawsuit Against YouTuber Moves Forward With Jury Selection, Defense Exhibit List

Cardi B WAP Grammys
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Cardi B WAP Grammys
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Photo Credit: Chris Allmeid / CC by 3.0

Back in March of 2019, Cardi B filed a firmly worded slander, libel, and defamation lawsuit against a YouTuber as well as an individual who claims to have known the “WAP” artist “before her musical career.” Now, nearly three years later, the case is officially heading to trial.  

29-year-old Cardi B submitted the shocking lawsuit to a Georgia federal court, naming as defendants Latasha Transrina Kebe (who operates a celebrity-gossip YouTube channel called unWinewithTashaK) and Starmarie Ebony Jones.

The latter individual, who, as noted, claims to have met Cardi B around 2013, “currently conducts business in the nature of promoting anti-aging products,” but her “real aspiration is to have a career in the entertainment industry as an actress,” according to the original complaint. (A November of 2020 amended complaint dropped Jones from the suit and added Kebe Studios as a defendant.)

And the unWinewithTashaK YouTube channel, for its part, boasts one million subscribers and nearly 192 million total views. The account’s most popular video to date, an interview with Jones entitled “Exclusive: Cardi B’s Ex-FRIEND ALLEGES Cardi B. Kept A Huge Box filled with MONlSTAT & REVEALS More!,” boasts about 4.59 million views.

In the 50-minute-long sitdown’s first 60 seconds, Jones, responding to questions from Tasha K, confirmed that Cardi B previously worked as a prostitute, was “a drug user, cocaine and molly to be specific,” and has herpes.

When asked about the fact that Cardi B refuted these and other claims and maintained that she didn’t know Jones, the interviewee – who purportedly shared an apartment with the New York City-born rapper – stated in part: “Well, to be honest with you, she takes a lot of drugs, so it could be a memory lapse. And I’m okay with that.

“As far as us living in the same building [as opposed to the same apartment], that is definitely not possible, because at the time, when I went to New York City…I was on papers here in Georgia because I was going through court. And I wasn’t able to get an apartment in my name.”

Then, with Cardi B having allegedly come to her in search of a job, Jones said that she provided assistance in exchange for room in the Grammy winner’s apartment. “I have received several threats in my DMs,” Jones elaborated when questioned about Cardi B’s alleged street-gang associations. “I was told that I’m last in line, don’t come to Chicago. … I’ve gotten a lot of threats in my DMs.”

Back to Cardi B’s lawsuit against the individuals, Tasha K was said to have released some 38 videos about the artist at the time of the amended complaint’s filing, and the suit likewise targeted remarks (essentially those disclosed above, hence the subsequent interview with Tasha K) that Jones allegedly made on social media.

“None of the aforementioned statements about Plaintiff are true. Plaintiff was never a prostitute or a user of molly and cocaine. Plaintiff has never, and does not now, have herpes, nor has she had herpes outbreaks on her mouth,” Cardi B’s defamation, slander, and libel action maintains.

Bearing in mind the latter, a newly filed defense exhibit list contains a staggering 125 pieces of evidence that Tasha K’s attorneys intend to introduce during the quick-approaching trial.

These items include but are not limited to a “picture of Cardi with [a] cold sore on her lip” (number three), a “video where Cardi refers to herself as a prostitute” (number 35), a “Cardi IG Live where she states that she’s lived everything she raps about” (number 36), a “clip from Cardi B’s song Everything, where she raps about prostitution and drug use” (number 37), and a “video of Cardi referring to herself as a stripper hoe” (number 57).

Lastly, Law360 has reported that Cardi B yesterday appeared in a Georgia courtroom for a day-long jury-selection process, as her counsel questioned 48 potential jurors. “Several” fans of the “Up” artist were cut from the jury pool, as were an individual who said that he was biased towards the YouTuber defendant and an individual who said that he didn’t like rap music.

Opening statements took place this morning, and the long-running courtroom confrontation represents one of several that Cardi B has been involved with in recent years.