Despite Searing Success, Olivia Rodrigo Splits with Manager

Olivia Rodrigo manager
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Olivia Rodrigo manager
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Photo Credit: Walt Disney Television / CC by 2.0

Olivia Rodrigo is reportedly seeking a new manager after splitting with Kristen Smith.

According to a report, the 18-year-old star parted ways with Camp Far West Management founder Kristen Smith. Rodrigo’s publicist has not responded to comment about the rumor. Hits Daily Double reports that Rodrigo is in early discussions with a few top-tier managers.

Olivia Rodrigo was the breakout success of 2021, scoring the year’s #2 album with SOUR. She also enjoyed the #2 and #3 songs of 2021 with “drivers license” and “good 4 u.” Only Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” edged out the Disney star from the top spot. Rodrigo has also earned nominations in all four of the top Grammy categories for a total of seven noms in 2021.

Rodrigo says everything about her life changed the week “drivers license” dropped.

“It’s quite strange because my entire life has changed in a week, and also nothing has changed at all,” Rodrigo told Vogue. “Every day I’m in my house, doing my homework, but people who I’ve looked up to since I was ten are reaching out and saying they love my music. It’s a strange sort of paradox.”

Rodrigo says she had no expectations for “drivers license” to chart, or break records.

“I’ve always felt great about it, but I definitely didn’t expect it to chart like it has and break all of these records. It’s surreal,” Rodrigo says in an interview. “It feels like a glitch in the simulation that is life. I see all these numbers and records [being broken], but I’m stuck in my house.

“I haven’t seen anyone or even played a show and I haven’t been able to see my producer, so it feels like it’s happening in an insulated time, which is making it feel even crazier.” When asked who she most wants to work with, Rodrigo says she’d love to collab with Lorde. “I love Lorde. She’s the greatest lyricist of our generation, she’s incredible. I love Gwen Stefani too, I’ve been listening to tons of her stuff.”


6 Responses

  1. Misha Barbazon

    If management was doing their job and not stealing, etc., then this is a really shitty move on the part of the artist, but it’s seen all the time in entertainment (actors, musicians, sports, etc.). A lack of loyalty shows weak character.

    • Kindra

      It would be to management who worked to get her where she is. Shameful.

      • Anonymous

        Please don’t judge Olivia because we don’t know what really happened. It could be something about the contract the we don’t know about. With manager or no manager, she is destined to be successful due to her great talent. She could find a manager in a heartbeat. She is known to be one of the sweetest girl in the business attested by celebrities themselves including Taylor Swift among many others.

  2. Rizzane

    It is unfair to judge Olivia because we don’t know the real reason. It might be something about the contract that we don’t know about. Her success did not depend on her manager but due to her extraordinary talent.

  3. Kim

    ? Don’t tear this incredibly talented and beautiful young woman to pieces. We do not know any of the circumstances surrounding this decision or any other details about this prodigy, her choices or her life; other than her enormous gift that she has been kind enough to share with the ? Build her up, appreciate her talent, thank her for the hevanly sounds she bestows upon our ears! Let her grow up both as an individual and artist with out our mean and negative responses trying to tear her down. Respect her privacy, be kind, and most of all understand that Olivia does not need the world to represent her or her talent, bc her skills, talent, and hard work persevere and speak.for themselves…and yet the world needs all of her because we are selfish.