Sweetwater Now Offers Band & Orchestra Instruments and Accessories

Sweetwater band instrument
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Sweetwater band instrument
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Photo Credit: Sweetwater

Sweetwater now offers band & orchestra instruments and accessories in-store and online.

The following was created in collaboration with Sweetwater, a proud partner of Digital Music News.

Sweetwater is the biggest online musical instrument retailer in the US, so the move to offer band and orchestral instruments is a natural expansion. By including these additional instruments in its selection, Sweetwater has a top-quality showroom from the world’s leading manufacturers. The Sweetwater Band & Orchestra selection includes brass, woodwind, and orchestral string instruments and accessories like reeds, mouthpieces, keyboard percussion instruments, and much more. 

Sweetwater’s newly revamped store features a Band & Orchestra branch after acquiring Mynett Music. Mynett Music has been a Fort Wayne institution since 1933. But when Mynett Music announced its closure in 2016, Sweetwater’s Chuck Surack stepped in to save an incredible music store. Today that vision lives on in Sweetwater’s Band & Orchestra branch, offering the same rigorous inspection process that guitar lovers have depended on for years. 

Sweetwater Band & Orchestra Instrument Selection

As the largest online music retailer, Sweetwater offers some of the biggest brands in musical instruments. Yamaha, Conn-Selmer, JodyJazz, Victory Musical Instruments, and more provide endless options for every experience range – from beginner to expert. Sweetwater’s instrument selection includes over 100 instrument brands. 

YamahaSelmerGrowling Sax
P. MauriatPearl FlutesJodyJazz

Sweetwater 40-Point Band & Orchestra Inspection

All band and orchestra products sold by Sweetwater are inspected before shipping and backed up by the company’s 24/7 online technical support. Each instrument purchased includes a free two-year warranty that covers parts and labor. Best of all, Sweetwater now offers on-site repairs for both customer work and warranty fulfillment, thanks to its highly qualified team of technicians. 

It takes the guesswork out of buying your next instrument online, knowing that it will arrive in factory-fresh condition. Each individual aspect of the instrument is tested to factory specifications by Sweetwater’s trained technicians. Every instrument that leaves the Sweetwater store receives a 40-point inspection to make sure it meets or exceeds factory standards. 

Sweetwater provides a unique combination of stellar customer service and after-sale support – which it calls the Sweetwater Difference.

The company says its sales engineers have weekly training sessions, direct contact with instrument manufacturers, and hands-on sessions to learn the ins and outs of the instruments they’re selling. 

Have a question about one of the band & orchestra instruments you see on Sweetwater’s website? Feel free to reach out to a Sweetwater Sales Engineer at (800) 222-4700 for any assistance you may need. Customer support and repair teams are also on standby to tackle any musical problems you may face. 

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