Vertigo’s New Off-App Weblinks Unlock New Power For Artists, New Access For Fans

boost artist streams Vertigo Music App
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boost artist streams Vertigo Music App
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Photo Credit: Vertigo Music

Fans can access artist content on Vertigo from anywhere, no app download required. Artists can further boost streams and sync any content to subscribers’ accounts.

The following article comes from Vertigo, a proud partner of DMN.

Vertigo, the social listening app, wants every fan to savor the amazing content artists share in its Artist Lounges. Once required to download an app, now music lovers can simply click a link, sync up their subscription streaming account, and dive into Vertigo’s artist lounges. While users have previously had to use Vertigo’s mobile app to watch interviews and other Vertigo-exclusive events, these will now be even more accessible by simply clicking a link on email, text or social media.

Based on new communal listening experiences, Vertigo has made big strides toward making virtual music events feel truly live. Users meet up in virtual lounges and listen together using Vertigo’s cutting edge audio synchronization technology, and each person’s stream on either Spotify or Apple Music counts as a unique, monetized listen for the artist. 

Now, original Vertigo content will be easier to share and save via weblinks, helping Vertigo users get their friends keyed into the platform’s exclusives. Each artist exclusive will have new reach and longevity, and provide more streams for artists. Previous performances (like this Tyler Rich session that kicked off 2022) will be easy to boost on social media after they have already happened.

These weblinks are unlike any others. By connecting video directly to streams, Vertigo makes artist content monetizable in endless combinations. Anytime fans are watching musical content, as in Vertigo’s Artist Lounge interviews with rising stars like Laci Kaye Booth and Drew Baldridge or SPIN Magazine’s cover stories on hitmakers like RÜFÜS DU SOL and Summer Walker, those views translate into revenue. The links make it quick and easy for anyone to share Vertigo-powered content through any number of platforms, allowing for exponential stream growth.

“We’re always looking for new innovations to boost artist platforms, and our weblinks are the first of their kind,” says Vertigo CEO Daniel Yen. “By making content available off-app, we’re taking stream amplification to a new level and giving artists new opportunities to spread their music in a way that instantly pays off for them.”

With every new feature, Vertigo builds community  between listeners and artists. This latest shift is another way to create new fan experiences and benefit musicians ready to maximize the impact of all of their content.

About Vertigo

Vertigo is an intuitive, fun app for iOS, Android, and the web that makes music social. Anyone with a Spotify Premium or Apple Music account can stream perfectly in-sync. Artists and fans can start or join a Lounge, and they’ll hear the same songs at the same exact time without anything getting in the way. Vertigo is part of Halogen, a venture studio company with projects in artist development, publishing, and other areas of the music business.

Artists can get verified, own their Lounge, and start boosting their streams here.