Crosby, Stills, & Nash Want Their Music Removed from Spotify — So Far, Nothing Has Been Taken Down

Crosby Stills Nash Spotify
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Crosby Stills Nash Spotify
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Photo Credit: GrawLIN / CC by 4.0

Crosby, Stills, and Nash are joining Neil Young in requesting the removal of their music from Spotify.

Young’s former bandmates say they are doing so in protest of Joe Rogan. In a written statement provided to NPR on Wednesday, the group says they must stand with their former bandmate.

“David Crosby, Graham Nash, and Stephen Stills have requested that their labels remove their collective recordings from Spotify,” the statement reads. “In solidarity with their bandmate, Neil Young, and in support of stopping harmful misinformation about COVID, they have decided to remove their records from the streaming platform, including the recordings of CSNY, CSN, and CN, as well as Crosby’s and Stills’ solo projects. Nash has already begun the process to take down his solo recordings.”

“We support Neil and we agree with him that there is a dangerous disinformation being aired on Spotify’s Joe Rogan podcast. While we always value alternate points of view, knowingly spreading disinformation during this global pandemic has deadly consequences. Until reach action is taken to show that a concern for humanity must be balanced with commerce, we don’t want our music – or the music we made together – to be on the same platform.”

Crosby, Stills, and Nash’s recordings are still available on Spotify at the time of writing.

But many artists are heeding the example set by Neil Young last week. Joni Mitchell was the first artist to break her silence, saying she would support her fellow Canadian artist. On Saturday, guitarist Nils Lofgren of the E Street Band also supported the removal of his music from the platform. India Arie also removed her music, saying “Neil Young opened a door that I must walk through.”

Despite saying she supports the removal of her music, India Arie’s albums are still on Spotify, too. Podcast hosts are stepping up to signal they’re not happy with the streaming giant, either. Mary Trump says she is removing her podcast from the service. Harry and Meghan Markle also expressed concerns about Spotify – despite taking $25 million from the company to produce a single episode.

16 Responses

  1. John

    It’s hilarious that these old corrupt drug addicts think they know more about corona vaccines, than a guy who made major contributions to the technology behind them. It is great that they choose to cancel themselves though. The world is a better place without them.

    • Idiot Detector

      Lots of lunatic ramblings coming from you. Hey, at least you’re consistent.

      • Idiot detec detec

        Just to be clear you attribute any anti vaccine or contrarian take on covid to me, many aren’t me

        • Idiot Detector

          Yeah, you’re stupid. Confirmed by your comment, and repeated, altered use of my screen name.

      • John

        I am not the guy who listen to an old junkie like Neil Young, when making decisions about what to inject into my body.

        • Kelvin

          Me either. I listen to science and medicine. Neil apparently also listens to science and medicine. Reality is tough for people like you who try to skew information and facts. Step aside for real humanity. You’re done.

  2. Ivor Mectin

    I’m still waiting to hear what the “dangerous disinformation” is that Joe Rogan or his guests said.

    Beauregard, fetch me my fainting couch. I believe I have the vapours!

    • Uvor Stupid

      You would say such a thing, having either never listened to the blatant falsehoods that Rogan and his guests regularly spew, or believing and choosing the spread those lies yourself. You need mental help.

        • Uvor Stupid

          Replying with a different name to make it seem like your crazy comments have any support is further proof of your mental instability.

    • John

      There was some awful comments, that really could hurt Pfizers bottom line. Crazy stuff like that you shouldn’t inject children, because they obviously dont get sick from Covid and the vaccine doesn’t prevent the spread of the virus anyway.

      Now I just love how the freedom loving rebel rocker Neil Young is taking a stand against this and protects the interests of Pfizer. I am also sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he has sold his music to Blackrock, which has the former CEO of Pfizer as a senior advisor.

      • Burt

        More misinformation. Kids have gotten sick and died from Covid. Do your research. You’re a mess.

        • Ernie

          If I had four “vaccines” in a year for something, and still got sick, I’d be questioning the “vaccines”.

          • Lola Bridge

            First, you should take into account that if you still got sick after getting the two vaccines and the booster, you only got sick and you didn’t die or need hospitalization, which is the point of the vaccines.

            Second, you should question your mental state with that kind of comment.

  3. Johnny

    In general, Artists do not own their own music. All the older artists received large Advances from Record companies with which they made their recordings. The Record companies own and control these recordings

    • Brian Martin

      Not true. In general, legacy (that’s the term) artists do own their catalogs. Those advances you referred to were likely recouped long ago, against sales. Now, these artists are taking their catalogs and selling them (because they do own them) to get the dough before they go.