Is Apple’s Classical Music App Coming Soon? References Found In Beta Code

Apple Classical music app
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Apple Classical music app
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Photo Credit: Arindam Mahanta

The latest beta for Apple Music contains references to an unreleased ‘Apple Classical’ music app.

The move isn’t too surprising, considering Apple purchased Primephonic last year. Primephonic’s search and browse functionality was catered to displaying classical music. At the time, Apple said the best parts of Primephonic would be integrated in Apple Music, giving subscribers a better experience.

Apple also teased a new Apple Music app dedicated to classical music for 2022.

That app would combine Primephonic’s user interface and optimization for displaying classical music with Apple Music features like lossless and spatial audio. We’re only two months into 2022 but it appears that Apple plans to make good on its promise to classical music fans (unlike Spotify HiFi, which is still missing).

9to5Google has discovered some references in the most recent Android beta for the Apple Music app. Those code lines seem to suggest that Apple’s upcoming classical music app could simply be called ‘Apple Classical.’ The code string found is in reference to open a compatible track within the optimized service – which doesn’t exist yet.

MacRumors also points out that Apple recently advertised a job for a UX Designer. That job description says the position would be working on a standalone music app. The candidate is expected to “provide UX expertise and new perspectives specifically for Primephonic” to design a distinct experience for classical music that integrates “visual, audial, and haptic” aspects of design.

That job listing also suggests that the Primephonic branding will persist in some form. Perhaps as a sub-section of the service under Apple Classical. Apple has been making in-roads to highlight its music-first approach. Earlier this week, Apple acquired AI Music. It’s a music startup that uses artificial intelligence to generate personalized soundtracks and adaptive music for any situation.

Meanwhile, Spotify announced its HiFi tier last year as arriving at the end of 2021. We’ve yet to see any more information about that, and so far, Spotify is mum on when the new tier may be arriving.