Kodak Black Encourages Artists to Sign With Atlantic Records

Kodak Black Atlantic Records

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records

Kodak Black is encouraging up-and-coming artists to sign with Atlantic Records.

Rappers like Meek Mill and NBA YoungBoy accuse Atlantic Records of blackballing them. “Why blackball me I’m the good guy??” NBA YoungBoy writes on Instagram. “I was going #1 two weeks straight with a mixtape so they took it down off the charts. I don’t give a fuck you still can’t stop me don’t sign to Atlantic if you an artist they not gone support you especially if you live a certain way.”

Meek Mill also accused Atlantic Records of foul play with his contract. “So look I made Atlantic Records 100s of millions and let them rape me out Roddy an arist they came to me about in jail, Mill writes. “They still saying I can’t drop music until 9 months after my last album got blackballed.”

Kodak Black took to Twitter with a simple message. “Sign to Atlantic Records,” the rapper said, with a heart emoji following the message. Kodak Black’s message is surprising since artists mostly seem to trash their labels on social media. But the message may have more to do with beef than any label endorsement.

Lil Durk was the sole feature on his latest album, Back For Everything. Lil Durk and NBA YoungBoy are engaged in a feud, though Kodak Black denies any involvement in the beef. In an episode of DJ Akademiks’ Off the Record podcast in October 2021, Kodak Black briefly discussed both artists.

“Both of them boys make great music,” Kodak told DJ Akademiks. “YoungBoy, he a lil bruh. Durk’s great too; he makes great music. As long as a n*gga don’t come to find me and make me feel like I gotta pick no sides or no crazy shit, I ain’t sayin’ nothin’. It’s music at the end of the day.”

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