Is Apple Music Debuting a New Classical Music Service? Get Ready for ‘Peek Performance’

Apple Music classical

Photo Credit: Josep Molina Secall

Apple is preparing to hosting its ‘Peek Performance’ event on Tuesday (March 8th). Will a new Apple Music Classical service be revealed?

Last year, Apple purchased the classical music streaming service Primephonic. Primephonic offered advanced categorization for classical music albums, which was a huge boon to fans of the genre. Apple said at the time that the features available in Primephonic would eventually become a part of Apple Music.

Apple also stated that it would launch a new Apple Music app dedicated to classical music. Apple Music Classical would combine the Primephonic user interface with the Apple Music library and features like lossless and spatial audio. That’s further evidenced by the fact that Apple advertised for a UX Designer to work on its new standalone music app.

The job candidate in question needed to “provide UX expertise and new perspectives specifically for Primephonic” and to offer a distinct experience for listening to classical music. That includes “visual, audial, and haptic” aspects, giving us some idea of what Apple could debut in a new music app tailored towards classical music fans.

The ‘Peek Performance’ event for Apple will be held on Tuesday, March 8th. Analysts have detailed some of the new hardware they expect Apple to announce at the event. That includes a new, third-generation iPhone SE, a fifth-generation iPad Air, a redesigned high-end Mac mini, and a 13″ MacBook Pro.

Apple’s new classical music app is slated to emerge sometime in 2022, so it could be on the docket. It seems as though Apple is going all-in on the music experience, which is vastly different than Spotify’s approach. Spotify is diversifying its audio portfolio into the podcasting world – dethroning Apple as the leader in the process.

It may behoove Apple to focus on unique experiences like Apple Music Classical. Currently, the classical music experience on traditional music streaming services is not exactly great. Primephonic was something special, and having its advanced search features available as an Apple One add-on may be something we see tomorrow.