From Marketing to Music: How Carlton E Bynum II Is Changing Industries

Photo Credit: Carlton E Bynum II

Carlton E Bynum II is the new producer dominating the airwaves.

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He is a talented beat-maker helping YouTubers and other content creators with great music that complements their videos. After a successful career at the helm of a leading digital marketing firm, Carlton made the bold move to follow his passion for the music scene. This was after years of service in the United States Marine Corps, where he discovered his passion for music production.

To some people, Carlton might have seemed an unlikely figure to strike out into the world of music production. But, through his dedicated creative vision, Carlton has proved his doubters wrong, creating some of the biggest tracks. His single, “The Beat Drops,” is a smooth yet electrifying track that, in a unique way, will draw on the larger volume of available digital sound media available online.

Carlton believes that montage music for YouTube compilation videos matters a lot as it sets the tone for the video.

Content creators rely on light and fun music to convey the tone of their videos, or if they wish to create something more serious, they need something that sounds equally as significant. Even something as simple as a beat drop can help elevate a compilation and add energy to the production.

Shifting careers can be demanding and challenging, with a series of ups and downs that you must overcome. Carlton points out that his most significant challenges were juggling work and family time.

“It is not easy finding the balance between being there for your family and giving your all to your job. Work life and family life can both not be ignored. I’ve worked from home for six years now, and it’s very hard to stop work when you do it at home,” adds Carlton

The journey to success can be challenging, and Carlton understands this. But regardless of how complex things might get, Carlton reminds you that there is no reason significant enough to make you give up on your dreams. Success is the result of all the smaller efforts you put in, and that’s why you must be willing to sacrifice a lot if you really want to make it to the top.

In addition, Carlton encourages you to work hard and develop a certain amount of self-discipline towards your work and every other aspect of your life. He believes that the goal should be “grind now, play later.”

A born dream chaser, Carlton is looking forward to a more prosperous future. In a few years, he wants to grow his musical brand to new levels of success. The goal is to hone his craft, work with other producers and artists, and expand his brand into a household name. Carlton’s biggest ambition is to scale to the global stage and get his music to fill the YouTube market gap. For him, the dream is to have every YouTuber looking through his musical catalog searching for a track to play in the background of their favorite YouTube compilations.