Ingrooves Claims New Patent Can Drive ‘Double Listener Streams’ – How It Works

Dr SK Sharma Ingrooves Patent
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Dr SK Sharma Ingrooves Patent
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Photo Credit: Ingrooves / Dr. SK Sharma

Ingrooves says its patent for AI-driven music marketing tech can drive ‘double the streams’ to artists’ tracks.

The Universal Music Group-owned company has been working behind the scenes to develop the AI-driven tech. Since its initial debut, the company has since won another US patent for music marketing. The new patented tech can identify ‘high-value’ streaming audiences based on user listening behavior.

Ingrooves says campaigns generated through Smart Audience are driving an increase in streams at double the rates of marketing campaigns that use traditional methods. Ingrooves identifies traditional marketing methods as relying on identifying fans via their social media activity – discussing music or sharing playlists.

One of the major benefits of Ingrooves’ new patent is that it does not rely on personally identifiable information. That ensures compliance with privacy regulations throughout the world, including the GDPR regulations in Europe.

Ingrooves claims that audiences discovered with its tech are more likely to stream a specific artist’s music with a deeper engagement. That means they’re more likely to become a long-term fans, generating revenue for the artist in multiple different ways.

Ingrooves says it ran a case study comparing its Smart Audience digital marketing of a track with a control setup in which the track was marketed online using traditional marketing methods. The track used was “Rest Up” by Boy Pablo. Smart Ads generated by the patented tech saw massively more engagement than those using standard methods. According to their data, the Smart Audience ads generated 7.5 streams per listener, while traditional methods generated only 2.6 streams per listener.

“This patent is another significant milestone in our development of innovative marketing solutions that empower labels to be more strategic in reaching new streaming audiences with the best ROI,” says Bob Roback, CEO of Ingrooves Music Group.

“Our data analytics and AI team is solving the problems of high-value audience identification on streaming services using proprietary patented methods that preserve user privacy while providing actionable opportunities for our label partners to grow their artists’ fanbases,” Roback adds.