Warner Music Group Canada Moves to New Location in Downtown Toronto

Warner Music Group Canada
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Warner Music Group Canada
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Photo Credit: Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group has announced it is moving its Canadian businesses to a new location in downtown Toronto.

Warner Music Group Canada is moving its businesses to The Well, a newly-built space in Toronto. The office features a new performance space, recording studio, dedicated songwriting rooms, and content creation workrooms.

Employees from record company Warner Music Canada, music publisher Warner Chappell Music Canada, and predictive A&R and marketing intelligence platform Sodatone will be moving into the new space in March 2023.

The Well is a huge mixed-use endeavor built in downtown Toronto as an extension of the King West neighborhood. Bordering Front Street, Spadina Avenue, and Wellington Street, the building offers retail, commercial, dining, and wellness businesses alongside office and residential space. Warner Music Group says its employees will be based on the second floor.

“This move will place us in the heart of downtown Toronto, somewhere our artists and employees want to be,” says Kristen Burke, President, Warner Music Canada. “The world of work has become more flexible, so we’ve been able to think about our new office as a hub where people come to meet, collaborate, and evolve our shared culture.”

“And we’ve chosen a vibrant space that’s in the heart of a state-of-the-art complex which offers unrivaled amenities and is seeking to build a real sense of community. This is a bold, ambitious move that comes as we’re also stepping-up expansion of our roster of Canadian artists, drawing from a wider than ever range of genres,” Burke adds.

The Warner Music Group Canada move is part of its Future of Work project. Warner Music Group says the project is designed to refresh its offices worldwide to account for the shift to hybrid working and the desire for more creative spaces for writing, rehearsing, recording, and performing music.

The Well is located at 410 Front Street West in downtown Toronto. Warner Music Canada and Warner Chappell Music Canada are currently located at 155 Gordon Baker Road in North York, while Sodatone is based at 240 Richmond St. W on the edge of Toronto’s Garden District.