Deezer Launches Real-Time Lyric Translations – Here’s How It Works

Deezer real-time lyrics translation
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Deezer real-time lyrics translation
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Photo Credit: Deezer

Deezer brings real-time lyrics translation to its music streaming platform – here’s how it works.

Deezer launched time-synced integrated lyrics in its music app back in 2014. Now the France-based music streaming service has launched real-time lyrics translation. “Users no longer have to compromise the meaning of a song or its lyrics when streaming music in its original language,” the press release reads.

With a simple click, music listeners can view real-time lyric translations of the most popular English songs in French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese at launch. Deezer says additional translations will continue to be added over time, including translations of songs from other languages into English.

“Music fans have always been able to immerse themselves in the thoughts and feelings of the artist with our widely popular lyrics function,” explains Alexandra Leloup, VP Product – Core Products at Deezer. “With out new ‘Lyrics Translation’ feature, they can now discover the artist’s true meaning behind their favorite tunes, and even sharpen their language skills, or totally learn a new language in the process.”

How to Activate Real-Time Lyrics Translation in Deezer

Follow these easy steps to activate this new lyrics translation feature on Deezer.

  1. Access ‘Lyrics’ by tapping the microphone icon.
  2. Select ‘With Translation‘ and the language you want.
  3. To disable, select ‘Without Translation.’

Deezer notes there are some limitations to the new feature at launch. Only 10,000 of the most popular songs streamed on Deezer have the ability to show lyrics translations. The function only translates songs from English to another language – not the other way around. Sorry to anyone who wants to listen to Rammstein with lyrics translations in the app – that’s not possible yet.

Lyrics translation from other languages into English is coming in the future. Deezer offers more than 90 million music tracks, live radio, podcasts, and audiobooks. Want to test the feature yourself? Deezer says these most-streamed songs in the United States offer lyrics translation at launch.

  1. “MAMIII” – Becky G
  2. “abcdefu” – GAYLE
  3. “Easy On Me” – Adele
  4. “Sweater Weather” – The Neighborhood
  5. “Save Your Tears” – The Weeknd
  6. “Cold Heart” – Elton John and Dua Lipa
  7. “Desperados” – Ruaw Alejandro and Chencho Corleone
  8. “Levitating” – Dua Lipa
  9. “Woman” – Doja Cat
  10. “Industry Baby” – Lil Nas X ft. Jack Harlow