Intercept Music Partners With Method Man to Launch Global Platform

Intercept Music method man partnership
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Intercept Music method man partnership
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Photo Credit: Method Man / Intercept Music

Intercept Music is partnering with Method Man to create a new platform for independent labels and music artists. The digital distribution platform is aimed at providing ‘artistic emancipation’ for today’s musicians.

The following was created in collaboration with Intercept Music, a company DMN is excited to be partnering with.

Intercept Music is launching a new campaign entitled ‘Independence Empowered’ to highlight the partnership. “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard,” Method Man adds. “Proper education leads to constant elevation. Intercept equals empowerment.” Intercept Music gives artists and their labels immediate access to hundreds of digital stores and every major streaming platform. Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and YouTube Music distribution are all included.

Intercept Music’s powerful, proprietary social media marketing and promotional software also help musicians build their presence online. It’s an effective communication channel for promoting music, merchandising, and live performances.

Intercept Music also offers fully managed advertising, promotional services, and the opportunity to sell merchandise through branded online stores. Now independent labels have access to all of the same revenue-generating tools used by major labels.

“This is a magic milestone for Intercept Music,” CEO Tod Turner told Digital Music News. “After years of conception, working closely with artists to fine-tune our suite of innovative service offerings, we are proud to deliver a revolutionary technology platform expressly created for independents.”

“Method Man is a global icon and the living embodiment of ‘independence empowered,’” Turner continues. “With the rise of creators who seek creative solutions to their financial futures, I can think of no better partner to launch our enterprise, which is focused on advanced technologies for the entertainment industry.”

Intercept Music empowers artists and labels alike with data insights, A&R, and marketing tools to maximize their creative and economic potential.

Intercept Music has partnerships with Ingrooves Music Group, What’s In-Store Music, Rocket Songs, Amped Distribution, Nifter, MusiCares,, A2IM – American Association of Independent Music, and many more. The company has a suite of products designed to give artists and musicians the tools they need while keeping 100% of their rights and masters.

“I am so honored to be a part of these revolutionary times as independence takes center stage,” adds Ralph Tashijan, Chairman, Intercept Music. “Our goal at Intercept Music is to give voice to emerging and established artists and labels by providing the tools they need to succeed. Forging a powerful partnership with Method Man, Intercept underscores the value and promise of artistic emancipation in today’s creator economy.”

Intercept was founded by veterans of the music and tech industries. The team has helped artists earn over 100 Grammy Awards and hundreds of notable industry awards. It’s suite of offerings include premium distribution, social media marketing tools, merchandising, and customizable promotional services for artists and labels.