Best Music Making Apps for Android – DAWs Aimed at Beginners

best music making apps on android
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best music making apps on android
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Photo Credit: Panagiotis Falcos

It’s increasingly easy to start creating and producing music in 2022. Several Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) exist for Android. Here’s a list of our favorites.

Whether you’re a music professional looking for an easy way to do work on the go or a beginner looking for a solid set of tools to get started, all of the apps on this list have a wealth of unique features. Some of these music-making apps for Android have free or trial versions available, and many of them offer additional purchases in-app. 

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Price: $9.99

Audio Evolution is made exclusively for mobile devices and offers three tracks available for free use. Among its quality features, the app boasts a USB audio interface, quickly enabling recording with any USB microphone, allowing for much better sound quality than using your phone’s microphone.

Cubasis 3

Price: $29.99

The current mobile version of Steinberg Media Technologies’ desktop powerhouse DAW Cubase, Cubasis 3 brings your Android device a wide array of options. Allowing an unlimited number of tracks, Cubasis 3 offers real-time pitch-shifting and time-stretching effects, a complete MIDI editor, and plenty of onboard instruments. 

FL Studio Mobile (Fruity Loops)

Price: $14.99

One of the most versatile and well-known DAWs on Android, FL Studio offers a whole studio experience in a portable package. Complete with high-quality synthesizers, percussions, and loops, you can import or record practically anything to create the sounds you want. While FL Studio comes with a learning curve compared to some of the apps on this list, Fruity Loops is a name that speaks for itself in the DAW world.

Music Studio

Price: $14.99 (Music Studio LITE is free)

Music Studio is a deceivingly simple music creation app, a reasonably priced and versatile DAW. It offers 123 instruments, 127 track sequencers, and allows playing two instruments simultaneously. Music Studio excels as a DAW for those who primarily focus on piano compositions. Its low latency and quality responsiveness allow a keyboard-playing precision usually unheard of on a mobile app.


Price: $5.99

A platform available on mobile and desktop platforms, including Linux, Sunvox offers a robust toolbox of synthesizers designed around creating electronic music. Plenty of loops, reverb, and distortion effects are available, along with many detailed tutorials from a healthy community of users to get you started. Sunvox is the most affordable music creation app on this list and is widely considered the best for beginners.