Dolly Parton and Doja Cat Star In TikTok’s Taco Bell Musical About Mexican Pizza

Dolly Parton TikTok musical
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Dolly Parton TikTok musical
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Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi / CC by 2.0

Dolly Parton stars opposite Doja Cat in TikTok’s musical about Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza. Inspired by a meme, the musical will release a week after the Mexican Pizza returns to Taco Bell’s menu.

The country music legend shared the news of her starring role in “Mexican Pizza: The Musical” in an Instagram post on Monday morning.

“I’m making #MexicanPizzaTheMusical with @TacoBell,” Parton’s post read, alongside a photo of the screenplay. “Here it is y’all! We’re making a musical about my favorite pizza, the Mexican pizza,” she added to the post. ” I can’t wait for you to see it!”

Victor Kunda’s viral TikTok video inspires the satirical musical “based on the true story of the Internet losing its mind” following the fast-food chain’s removal of the Mexican Pizza from its menu in 2020. The Kunda video, released in March, parodies the concept of a Taco Bell musical based on rapper and singer Doja Cat’s jingle shared on TikTok earlier that month.

Doja Cat, who stars opposite Parton in the musical, has been vocal about her love of Taco Bell and disappointment in the company’s removing the Mexican Pizza from its menu. Her influence on social media played a role in Taco Bell reviving the Mexican Pizza later this month. In a January interview, Dolly Parton was similarly vocal about her love of the Mexican Pizza and said she thinks the fast-food chain should bring it back. 

The musical in which she stars is not the first production organized on the social media platform, with composer Daniel Mertzlufft’s “Ratatouille: The Musical” releasing in 2020, which was based on a meme. Mertzlufft also partnered with TikTok for the musical “For You, Paige,” a love letter to the platform’s thriving musical theatre community.

Hannah Friedman (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Willow) wrote the screenplay for the Taco Bell musicalwith music by Grammy award-winning songwriters Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear (The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical). “Mexican Pizza: The Musical” will premiere on Taco Bell’s TikTok at 5 pm/8 pm PT/ET on May 26, a week after the return of the Mexican Pizza.

On Monday morning, Taco Bell tweeted, “#MexicanPizzaTheMusical is really happening. Let’s do this!”