Spotify Is Now Allowing Certain Artists To Sell NFTs — Steve Aoki and The Wombats Are Already Promoting Tokens

music nfts 2021
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music nfts 2021
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Photo Credit: Steve Aoki

Spotify is officially testing a program that allows artists to promote non-fungible tokens (NFTs) via their on-platform profiles.

The Stockholm-based audio-entertainment service’s NFT-sale test came to light in a report from Music Ally, and a Spotify spokesperson confirmed the pilot in a statement. Additionally, a number of individuals are discussing the matter on social media, for some of those using the Android version of the Spotify app in the U.S. can already see NFT tabs on certain artists’ profiles.

The same outlet specified that Steve Aoki (a longtime NFT advocate) and The Wombats (who released their “official game” on iOS 11 days ago) are among the first artists to plug non-fungible tokens on Spotify, which enabled creators to sell merch on their profiles last October.

At the time of this piece’s writing, select users could view the appropriate pages on both acts’ Spotify profiles on Android (situated beneath “popular” songs), but not on Spotify’s web player. “Steve Aoki NFTs,” reads the relevant text on the 44-year-old DJ’s Spotify hub, “Discover the Steve Aoki NFT collection.”

Tapping through this banner (featuring a picture of an available NFT) brings one to a list of the for-sale tokens, complete with their names, minting details, and images. Finally, choosing any of these images takes users to a brief description and a “see more” button, the latter of which then directs prospective purchasers to NFT platform OpenSea. (Spotify will reportedly forgo charging a transaction fee for sold NFTs.)

Regarding the aforementioned social-media discussions of Spotify’s NFT support, the development is drawing both positive responses and criticism on Twitter. Plus, several individuals are communicating that they have completed on-platform surveys about non-fungible tokens.

“With Spotify teasing NFTs and mainstream artists releasing their albums as NFTs, it has become clear that NFT technology is the most important thing to happen to the music industry in literal years,” weighed in one observer.

“The next big movement in NFTs will be music. Good that Spotify is trying to get in front of it… an avalanche is coming,” tweeted another supporter.

“NFTs, you mean, the things that have lost 90% of their value, and that are as metaphorically toxic as asbestos shingles? Makes sense for the Spotify brand at this point,” stated a person of the opposite opinion.

For Spotify – which in March posted multiple Web3 job openings – the integration of NFT listings represents the latest in a series of diversification-minded efforts to partner with interactive platforms, back emerging technologies, and host live happenings.

On the platforms side, Spotify two weeks ago announced the rollout of a namesake digital island in the world of Roblox, which is expected to feature virtual-merch sales, artist events, and more moving forward.

Throughout the broader music space, companies including Universal Music Group and acts like The Chainsmokers are continuing to debut non-fungible tokens, as no shortage of startups look to establish a presence at the intersection of NFTs and music.