Pharrell Williams Launches a New NFT Platform Called GODA

GODA NFT platform

Photo Credit: GODA

A new NFT platform called the Gallery of Digital Assets (GODA) has backing from big names in the music industry.

Pharrell Williams, Nina Chanel Abney, and investor and entrepreneur Shaun Neff are behind the new platform. GODA says its NFT platform will work with artists to leverage NFTs in a way that “feels organic and true to their creative voices.” GODA says it will “provide the ultimate user experience by allowing access to the best drops from a curated collection of renowned figures from the traditional art world as well as up-and-coming artists.”

The first drop on the GODA NFT platform is scheduled for early this summer. It will include a “mint pass,” which the platform says guarantees access to future drops on the platform. Nina Chanel Abney will be the first artist collection to drop later.

NFT platforms are launching left and right adjacent to the music industry, but it’s unclear which will be left standing. OpenSea is the most popular platform for managing Ethereum-based NFTs. Pharrell Williams isn’t the only music star launching NFT platforms, either. John Legend’s NFT platform raised $7.5 million in a recent seed funding round.

“We created GODA to enable the best contemporary artists to harness this new opportunity but do so on a platform that respects the world-class nature of their work, reputation, and accomplishments,” says Pharrell Williams about the new platform. “We’re focused on creating an equitable entity in this creator-centric landscape, so everyone can feel good about GODA.”

“GODA is invested in all aspects of the process of making an NFT project come to life,” adds Nina Chanel Abney. “From ideation and creative process to completion and execution is within the framework of GODA. Our number one priority is to provide a space conducive to experimentation and release projects that are compelling and forever evolving.”