Yousician Launches 3 Beginner-Friendly Guitar Courses with Metallica

Metallica Yousician learn to play guitar
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Metallica Yousician learn to play guitar
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Photo Credit: Merijn Bos / CC by 3.0

Yousician is launching new beginner-friendly learn to play guitar courses alongside the legendary Metallica.

The Metallica x Yousician collaboration offers three courses for new guitarists to learn from some of the most legendary guitarists in the world. Beginners can earn exclusive tips from James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett as they play Metallica songs they love. Yousician says its patented AI technology gives players real-time feedback as they play Metallica classics in a total of ten lessons utilizing the band’s original master tracks.

“The Metallica x Yousician courses get guitar players up close and personal with the master musicians they idolize,” says Hadley Spanier, Head of Artist Partnerships at Yousician. “Players will have the opportunity to learn how to play like Metallica straight from Metallica!”

“The unique course pairs unmatched access to the band with Yousician’s AI technology so that guitarists-in-training not only get to learn from the masters, but also get the feedback they need to improve. Players will feel like they are part of the band, playing alongside their idols as they try to master some of the greatest guitar-driven songs of all time,” Spanier adds.

The Metallica x Yousician courses aim to provide fans with a chance to feel like they are members of their favorite band.

The three courses for guitar focus on riffs, lead, and rhythm, allowing players to learn directly from James and Kirk. Yousician created all-new videos with the band for the course, working to provide learners with tips and tricks in their learning journey. That includes everything from the secrets of downpicking with James to awesome lead licks and discovering how to play those killer guitar riffs featured in so many of their hits.

New players can take what they’ve learned from the Metallica guitar courses and apply it to playing side-by-side with the band in a custom-made AI-infused interactive lesson that features ten Metallica hits. New learners will play the following hits with the band:

  • “Enter Sandman”
  • “Nothing Else Matters”
  • “One”
  • “Fade to Black”
  • “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)”
  • “The Unforgiven”
  • “Battery”
  • “Mama Said”
  • “Master of Puppets”
  • “For Whom The Bell Tolls”

Beyond just the learning opportunity for new guitar players, the Yousician courses also feature interviews with Metallica bandmates including James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich, and Robert Trujiilo. Yousician has more than 20 million monthly active users and uses proprietary audio recognition technology to help create engaging, interactive learning experiences for teaching new musicians.