Every Artist Needs a One Sheet, Jaxsta Has Launched a Game-Changer Using Official Credits & Fan Metrics

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Whether you represent talent, or are promoting yourself, you need a great one sheet. Jaxsta’s latest feature takes the pain out of creating and maintaining one sheets by updating your official data automatically. Never miss an opportunity to be booked for gigs, media, brand partnerships, sync, collaborations and more!

The following comes from Jaxsta, a company DMN is proud to be partnering with.

Whether you are an artist, a record label, or a management company, if part of your responsibilities include promoting yourself or the creatives you represent; you know how important a great one sheet, or electronic press kit (EPK) is. It’s a snapshot of all your talent’s  notable achievements, and a powerful advertisement for why they deserve the next big opportunity.

You also know that keeping one sheets updated with all the latest playlist and social media stats is, frankly, a never ending, painstaking, time-sucking drag.

If you’re an independent creative without a team behind you, a one sheet is even more important – it can be one of your most valuable promotional tools, a stepping stone to your big break that highlights your achievements.

But because you don’t have a big team and loads of resources, creating a great, always up-to-date one sheet with your major credits and social stats can be next to impossible.

Until now!

Jaxsta, the world’s largest database of deep-linked official music credits, has created the Jaxsta One Sheet specifically to make creating and updating one sheets quick, easy and painless. Not only can you create your own One Sheet vanity URL to send to others, but the Jaxsta One Sheet can be embedded on your website, meaning your site will always have current information without you having to spend the time updating it manually.

How does the Jaxsta One Sheet work?

Well, every time Jaxsta receives a credit for a creative – be it an artist, engineer, producer, mixer etc – a profile page is automatically created for them which contains all their credits. They (or their representatives) can claim that profile and manage it, meaning they can add their image, bio, contacts, links and more.

Step 1: Go to Jaxsta.com

Step 2: Search for the profile and hit ‘Claim’

Step 3: Jaxsta will verify ownership of the profile

By clicking the ‘Edit One Sheet’ button on their profile, a Jaxsta One Sheet can be published within minutes, as it pulls all the relevant information – bio, image, key releases, links and contact details – from their Jaxsta profile.

The Jaxsta One Sheet also contains official Fan Metrics, meaning artists and their representatives can display social media stats from 14 platforms including TikTok, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram and Twitter, all of which are updated in real time.

And if your music is being used by other creators and fans on TikTok – you guessed it – the Jaxsta One Sheet has those stats too.

No more having to spend hours trolling through all the different social media platforms updating metrics  – the Jaxsta One Sheet does it all for you.

Crucially, all this information can be updated and adapted quickly to suit whatever opportunity you’re pitching for. For example, if you have certain credits that are perfect for one collaboration and different credits that will suit another, adapting the Jaxsta One Sheet is as easy as clicking a few buttons.

For creatives who have sales certifications and GRAMMY Awards nominations or wins, that’s all integrated into the Jaxsta One Sheet too, all provided by Jaxsta’s official data partners, the RIAA and The Recording Academy. Keep your eyes peeled for even more features as Jaxsta continues to evolve this game-changing product.

Rising hip-hop artist anees uses the Jaxsta One Sheet.

anees is distributed through DistroKid. The distribution giant is the latest official partner to provide their verified data to Jaxsta, whose database currently contains more than 223 million official music credits over 65 million pages. All those credits are sourced directly from more than 286 data partners (record labels, publishers, industry associations) – none of Jaxsta’s data is crowd-sourced.

The ability to create a Jaxsta One Sheet is available to all Jaxsta Creator, Business and Enterprise members, along with a stack of other great features, here.

If you need assistance claiming your Jaxsta profile or creating your One Sheet, please contact support@jaxsta.com