Trey Songz Faces Refiled $20 Million Rape Case — Now With an Additional Claim

Trey Songz Just Took Credit for Nicki Minaj's Entire Career
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Trey Songz Just Took Credit for Nicki Minaj's Entire Career
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Mikey Hennessy (CC by 2.0)

In December, Trey Songz (full name Tremaine Aldon Neverson) was named in a $20 million sexual assault lawsuit. Now, the rapper is facing a different $20 million sexual assault complaint despite some reports of a dismissal late last week.

Several outlets mistakenly indicated that the newer of the sexual assault actions (initially submitted in February) against Trey Songz had been dismissed altogether. However, the suit has simply moved from the Los Angeles Courthouse to the Van Nuys Courthouse, Digital Music News has confirmed, besides being updated to include a negligence claim.

“Mr. Neverson has been accused of sexual assault by no less than 10 women. He was well aware of his unusual sexual proclivities,” George Vrabeck, attorney for the refiled action’s Jane Doe plaintiff, informed DMN of the negligence claim’s addition.

Vrabeck also acknowledged that he’s representing other clients against Trey Songz – though the various allegations aren’t part of a class-action complaint, for “each victim’s case is unique.”

And according to the troubling details of this newest case, Trey Songz “anally raped” the plaintiff in March of 2016; the alleged assault was “so brutal” that the filing individual “required and received immediate emergency medical care.”

Prior to the disturbing alleged episode, Trey Songz and the plaintiff “had what could be described as a casual and occasionally sexual relationship,” per the action. The 37-year-old artist is said to have invited the victim to a party at a West Hills, California, home, where the alleged assault occurred.

While attending the happening, Songz allegedly prompted the plaintiff “to go upstairs…to have a sexual encounter” – and, while navigating to the second floor, purportedly asked the victim to “have anal sex.” The plaintiff “repeatedly” denied the request, the suit claims.

Upon entering a bedroom, Trey Songz allegedly threw the victim to the ground, ripped off her pants, and pinned her “down face first on the bedroom floor.” The lawsuit further maintains that Songz proceeded to rape the victim, ignoring her pleas and even blocking her attempted “exit from the bedroom through force and physical restraint.”

After trying and failing to fight off Songz, the victim “ran from the bedroom half naked and left her underwear behind” once the alleged assault had stopped, per the lawsuit. The Jane Doe plaintiff is then said to have hailed an Uber and, because the “observant” driver noticed her distress and “rerouted” her to a nearby hospital, received medical attention.

Hospital staff determined that the victim “had severe anal tearing that could require surgery” and promptly contacted law enforcement, according to the action.

But the victim “was too afraid” to provide pertinent details to police immediately or after she had been released from the hospital, the $20 million complaint concludes. The previously highlighted (other) $20 million lawsuit against Trey Songz concerns an instance of alleged sexual assault that purportedly occurred at a nightclub following a Diddy-hosted New Year’s party in 2018.