Instagram Launches Creator Marketplace — Invite-Only For Now

Instagram Creator Marketplace

Photo Credit: Instagram

Instagram launches testing for its creator marketplace on an invite-only basis to brands in the US. The hub is designed to help brands discover and reach out to creators for partnership and campaign opportunities.

Brands that receive an invite to access the marketplace can use the desktop version within Meta Business Suite to filter creators by several criteria. In addition to filtering creators by age, gender, interests, and number of followers, brands can filter for creators based on the demographics of their core audience. 

Companies will also be able to see creators who have expressed an interest in working with them through an “interested creators” tab or creators who have tagged them or followed them on another tab. Lastly, brands can see similar creators to those they’ve already found through the filters, and they can add creators to saved lists.

When a brand has discovered some creators they’d like to partner with, they can use the marketplace to create and share campaigns with them. Brands can provide creators with information about the campaign, such as an outline, compensation, or any additional information they want to deliver to creators about the campaign. Messages brands send to creators will appear in a “Partnerships Messages” inbox. Creators can respond to brands and coordinate with them on campaigns directly within Instagram’s DMs.

“This is all part of our commitment to make Instagram the best place for creators to make a living doing what they love — all while helping brands discover creators to partner with,” says Instagram in its blog post.

The announcement comes a few weeks after Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the company was testing a designated section of Instagram where brands could discover creators and pay them for content.

Notably, the company’s take on a creator marketplace is similar to TikTok’s Creator Marketplace, enabling brands to find top TikTok personalities for marketing campaigns. Instagram’s creator marketplace is relatively transparent in its aim to further Meta’s continued efforts to compete with TikTok.