Sync Licensing Is Evolving — Now There’s a Comprehensive Analysis of the Music Industry’s Most Exciting Segment

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Sync licensing is providing more paychecks and exposure to artists than ever. Now, Digital Music News has partnered with music licensing and distribution platform Songtradr to craft a whitepaper charting the space’s recent results and long-term potential.

Download the full report here.

The numerous deals delivered by sync licensing – and the volume-based visual-media landscape that it powers – are hardly a secret. DMN has spoken with a number of musicians who’ve scored significant placements, and everything from film to advertising and television to gaming is complemented by carefully selected songs.

Notwithstanding the growth of and opportunities within sync, the burgeoning sector has to this point lacked a comprehensive analysis of its various components and outlook. With the latest data, expert statements, and projections, the multifaceted Global Sync Licensing Trend Report from DMN and Songtradr aims to keep music industry professionals apprised of what’s happening – and what’s on the way – in the multibillion-dollar segment.

Here’s a snapshot of what readers can expect from the 24-page-long whitepaper.

The First All-Encompassing Examination of Sync’s Total Addressable Market

Few have attempted to identify the total addressable market of sync licensing, income from which is fragmented due to a widespread habit of classifying revenue in non-sync categories.

Labels generate billions from gaming and social-media deals, for instance, and YouTube disclosed in 2021 that it had paid roughly $1.2 billion to the music industry specifically for user-generated content during the prior year. Despite the income’s centering quite directly on marrying music and visual media, however, the Recording Industry Association of America attributed just $302.9 million to domestic “synchronization royalties” in 2021.

Digital Music News and Songtradr have, for the first time, analyzed the entirety of sync’s revenue sources, thereby painting a complete picture of the space’s present positioning and path forward.

Download the full report here.

A Detailed Assessment of Emerging Placement Opportunities

In addition to exploring the growth of film, television, and advertising spending, the sync whitepaper charts the value and possibilities of emerging placement opportunities, including in fitness and the fast-expanding worlds of gaming and user-generated content.

As the scope of sync broadens, so too will the available placements, exposure, and paychecks – making this pioneering assessment especially worthwhile for deal-minded artists and labels as well as visual media professionals who are working to stay ahead of the curve.

A Breakdown of 2021 Trends’ Impact on 2022 and Beyond

Drawing from the above-mentioned information and a study of the biggest placements, sync genres, and wider developments of 2021 and 2022’s first half, the report created by DMN and Songtradr also breaks down the trajectory of the segment’s creative direction and its relevance in the overarching music industry.

To be sure, what’s currently happening in sync is indicative of noteworthy industry trends that will only come to light in lengthy analyses months after the fact. In part because it ushers in commercial results for artists and genres themselves, sync is inextricably tied to the very latest in listener preferences.

Download the full report here.

DMN’s sync licensing whitepaper further covers metadata’s recent strides, digs into precise revenue and spending data from companies and industries, and highlights the growing influence of specific interactive platforms like Roblox and Fortnite.