Jaxsta’s Official Credit Metadata Means Good Business For PROs, CMOs, Labels, Publishers And Managers

jaxsta official credits
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jaxsta official credits
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Photo Credit: Jaxsta

Whether you’re collecting and distributing royalties, valuing catalogs for acquisition, licensing music or promoting your roster, Jaxsta’s verified music credit metadata has the solution to your business needs.

The following comes from Jaxsta, a company DMN is proud to be partnering with.

Jaxsta recently unveiled its Business and Enterprise membership plans, which tailor the company’s official music credits data specifically to meet the needs of businesses. 

The world’s most extensive resource of official, verified music credits – meaning that its 270+ million credits are sourced from official avenues such as record labels, publishers and industry organizations – Jaxsta’s data is trusted as a single source of truth. Too often, music recordings and songs are not linked with the proper metadata to identify and credit the creators and contributors, resulting in inefficient processes and incorrect compensation for creators and rights holders – until now.

Here are eight common ways Jaxsta’s data, and their Business and Enterprise memberships, can help your business, whether you’re a record label, a manager, a publisher, a PRO or CMO, or a music IP investment company.

1. Simplify Catalog Acquisition and Transfer

Record labels, publishers and music IP investment companies looking to acquire music catalogs find Jaxsta an invaluable resource to identify an artist or songwriter’s entire repertoire, including cover versions and re-releases on compilation and soundtrack albums. This allows a more accurate valuation of that catalog to be calculated. Once the acquisition agreement has been signed, Jaxsta’s data can be used to accelerate the transfer process by providing all the metadata including critical industry identifiers (ISRCs, UPCs, ISWCs), which are required to redistribute the catalog and start generating revenue.

2. Custom Repertoire Reports Improve Workflows for A&R

Here’s one for A&R reps – say you need to track the credits and chart results for a particular set of creatives you’re interested in signing, or with whom you want to set up collaborations. Jaxsta can prepare repertoire reports showing all the creatives who worked on the songs on the playlists of your choice, ie. Rap Caviar by Spotify or TikTok’s viral chart. And because Jaxsta’s credits are deep-linked, you can instantly see what else each person has worked on and with who. It’s an incredible resource at your fingertips – now, you will always know who your artists need to be in the room with.

3. Easy Access To Royalty Information

Royalty Collection Societies including PROs and CMOs need to identify and verify the artists, performers, songwriters, labels and publishers associated with the streaming or performance of musical recordings to ensure royalties are paid to the right individuals and organizations. Unlimited access to Jaxsta’s database via an Enterprise membership means they have a one-stop, single source of truth for recording, release and works information, saving them from wasted hours visiting multiple sources in search of verification. Not only can they trust Jaxsta’s data to help them do their job, but they can trust it to save them time.

4. Streamlining the Music Licensing Process

Via Jaxsta’s verified credit data, music supervisors can identify which label and publisher they need to contact to license a recording for inclusion in TV, movies and commercials, as well as find other recordings of the same composition which may be more cost effective to license compared to the original version. Labels looking to release cover versions of songs can easily identify the publishers and songwriters associated with the recording they wish to cover to secure the Compulsory License for its distribution.

5. Trustworthy Data = More Royalties Recovered

When Jaxsta receives a credit for a creative from one of its 300+ official data partners, a profile page is created for that person, to which all their credits are added. A management company can claim and manage the profile pages of their entire roster, whether they’re artists or work behind the scenes. Via Jaxsta’s partnership with Songtradr, they can then use these profiles to claim neighboring rights and/or find any missing royalties they weren’t aware of. Artist manager Hank Teverbaugh (Naturally 7, Leon Russell Estate) used Jaxsta to find royalties for his artists – check out this video to find out how.

6. Monitor and Promote Your Entire Roster In One Place

Record labels, studios, distributors and managers can monitor their roster’s charts, awards and certification activity in one place. The PR and marketing teams can use that information to help promote the achievements of their roster when pitching for editorial or other opportunities. 

7. Save Time Creating Easily Updatable One Sheets For Your Entire Roster

The Jaxsta One Sheet pulls all the relevant information – bio, image, key releases, links and contact details – from your client’s Jaxsta profile, and can be published within minutes. It also contains official Fan Metrics, meaning artists and their representatives can display social media stats from 14 platforms including TikTok, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram and Twitter, all of which are updated in real time. Not only can you create your own One Sheet vanity URL to send to others, but the Jaxsta One Sheet can be embedded on your website, meaning your site will always have current information without you having to spend the time updating it manually.

8. Generate Insights and Enhance Your Existing Content With Jaxsta’s API

Jaxsts’a API is the industry’s most comprehensive source of music metadata. Use it to access 270+ million official music credits that will enrich your organization’s data or add full album and creator details to your platform. Jaxsta’s data is used by The Recording Academy for their annual ‘Behind The Record’ campaign and Billboard for their ‘The Players Behind’ series, to list just two examples.

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Or to speak to a member of Jaxsta’s customer support team, email support@jaxsta.com