What Major Label Lawsuits? HitPiece Relaunches with Audible Magic Partnership

HitPiece relaunch audible magic
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HitPiece relaunch audible magic
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Photo Credit: HitPiece

The HitPiece relaunch is here. The music artist NFT platform now has a partnership with Audible Magic.

The relaunch comes after HitPiece took its website offline in February amid pending litigation from the RIAA and its members. The old HitPiece website was built on top of Spotify’s API, so it could offer NFTs of any song on the Spotify platform. Essentially, HitPiece was re-commodifying metadata provided to Spotify to make money – without the underlying owner’s permission.

Now HitPiece is relaunching with a partnership with Audible Magic in place to “protect creators and other rights holders and demonstrate [HitPiece’s] commitment to authenticity.” Audible Magic’s RightsRx service compares uploaded audio to its authoritative content registry of more than 25 million media assets from creators, music labels, and publishers.

HitPiece says it will use Audible Magic’s identification technology to help verify ownership of new music prior to minting an NFT of said music. That’s how the platform plans to make sure only legitimate music is distributed during the HitPiece relaunch.

“We’re excited to join the rapidly growing innovative NFT, metaverse, and web3 marketplace with HitPiece to continue our commitment to protecting creator rights,” says Vance Ikezoye, President and CEO of Audible Magic. “Through our extensive music registry, music creators and related rights holders on and off HitPiece can be assured the content they own is protected; monetized where permission has been granted.”

“Following many positive conversations with artists, we’re excited to launch the official HitPiece platform to provide creators with a new way to engage with fans and build metaverse communities,” adds Rory Felton, CEO and Co-Founder of HitPiece.

“As someone who has seen every corner of the industry, too often creators are not in control of how and when they can release content. NFTs for music artists will continue to expand, and we’re grateful for partners like Audible Magic who help us ensure we have guardrails to provide an easy and secure one-stop shop for those in the music community joining the expanding world of web3.”

Since the end of the HitPiece beta, the company has collaborated and finalized deals with dozens of creators, including ATL Jacob.

“In music, web3 has significant potential to be a catalyst for increasing artistic integrity, control, and engagement for any musician, no matter their reach,” adds ATL Jacob. “I’m grateful to partner with organizations like HitPiece that understand the business first-hand and put hardworking creators first, and I hope the rest of the industry continues to follow suit.”