Jax Draws Millions of TikTok Views While Responding to Victoria’s Secret CEO

Jax TikTok
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Jax TikTok
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Photo Credit: Jax

Jax draws millions of TikTok views while responding to Victoria’s Secret CEO — “I don’t wanna be the face of any company’s ‘We’ve Changed’ ad.”

After Jax’s song, “Victoria’s Secret,” went viral on TikTok, the American Idol alum has been overwhelmed with support. The song has already received radio play, debuting at number 83 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The outpour of fans who have felt inspired by the lyrics prompted Victoria’s Secret CEO Amy Hauk to write a letter to Jax thanking her for “addressing important issues” with her song. Jax responded to Hauk in a TikTok video, telling fans that the floor is theirs.

“I am asking anyone who feels like they never had a voice, or ever had a say in the matter to comment on this video,” says Jax. “You let them know what you need to feel safe and represented and comfortable and beautiful in today’s society.”

The songwriter explained that her intention for the song “was never to take down a brand,” and that the lyrics were inspired by a girl she once babysat who was dealing with body insecurity.

“It’s not like I’m singing about anything new,” Jax says, explaining that she doesn’t want to “be the face of any company’s ‘We’ve Changed’ ad.”

“I’m just a songwriter,” she continues. “I sing about my truth and then I hope that people relate.”

In “Victoria’s Secret,” Jax calls out the brand and its founder and former CEO, billionaire Leslie Wexner, for profiting off women and contributing to their negative body image.

Jax says that it’s “pretty badass” that her single gained the attention of the company’s current CEO, and she wants to bring attention to those whose voices haven’t been heard.

In Hauk’s open letter on Instagram, she says the company is working hard to “advocate for all women,” including their employees.

“I can wholeheartedly say that we are all committed to building a community where everyone feels seen and respected,” Hauk’s letter reads. “We truly value your voice and are working to find new ways to listen and bring you into the conversation.”