5,000-Seat MGM Music Hall at Fenway in Boston Opens Doors

MGM Music Hall Fenway Boston
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MGM Music Hall Fenway Boston
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Photo Credit: MGM Music Hall

Boston’s 5,000-seat MGM Music Hall at Fenway officially opens its doors in the same neighborhood as the House of Blues.

Boston’s newest music venue, the 5,000-seat MGM Music Hall at Fenway, officially opened its doors on Monday. Located at 2 Lansdowne Street behind Fenway Park, the venue is in the heart of Boston’s vibrant entertainment district.

Developed by Fenway Sports Group Real Estate (FSGRE) and designed by Live Nation with the assistance of DAIQ Architects, the building is leased by Live Nation. The venue is 91,500 square feet with a capacity for 5,000 guests and what has been described as an “intimate atmosphere.”

“The same thoughtful consideration that has been poured into Fenway Park for over two decades has now transformed an underutilized, triangular parking lot into a world-class venue,” says Tom Werner, Fenway Sports Group Chairman. “We have witnessed firsthand the power a venue can have on people and communities and believe the MGM Music Hall at Fenway’s most important role will be the one it plays within our neighborhood and city.”

“Along with our partners at Live Nation,” Werner continues, “we seek to create a place where up-and-coming bands, local artists, and students of music are treated with the same care and consequence we have for elite performers.”

The venue contains four levels of seating, with removable seats on the ground floor that allow for general admission events. The building features three lounge areas, an open-air rooftop deck, and many concession areas. The building’s exterior was designed with the surrounding neighborhood’s aesthetic in mind, including a brick facade, LED video displays, static signs, and a marquee beckoning fans to its location.

“The distinctive configuration of the triangular plot of land was conducive to achieving an incredibly intimate feel and an audio/visual experience that is second to none,” says Jonathan Gilula, FSGRE Managing Director. “What makes a venue of this size so unique are the four levels of seating,all of which are in close proximity to the stage with the farthest seat only 110 feet away from the large 80-foot-wide by 40-foot-deep stage.”

Over 65 shows are already booked at the venue, including James Taylor & His All-Star Band, with a grand opening performance on August 29 and 30. Chris Stapleton will perform at the venue on August 31 and September 1, while Bruno Mars takes the stage on September 7, 9, and 11.