Swedish Rights Collecting Society STIM Offers YouTubers Pre-Licensed ‘Hits’ for Videos

STIM YouTubers
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STIM YouTubers
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Photo Credit: STIM

STIM, The Swedish Performing Rights Society, is now providing YouTubers unlimited access to a broad catalog of copyright-protected ‘hit’ music. 

The Swedish Performing Rights Society, STIM, presents Cora Music, providing YouTubers unlimited access to a catalog of copyright-protected, high-quality music. For a monthly fee of €25, users can select from a broad music catalog and add tracks directly to their creative content with no additional costs or catches. 

YouTubers have lots of pre-licensed song catalogs at their disposal. But PROs aren’t the ones offering them, and the content itself is rarely well known material.

Cora Music is based on a collaboration with record labels and publishers, allowing music creators and rights holders access to a previously untapped market. STIM says it’s the first rights collecting society worldwide to offer a broad selection of music in a one-stop-shop platform. 

Previously, YouTubers have had to contact the respective publishers for each song they wished to use and pay each separately on a case-by-case basis. This has led to an ecosystem in which creators often use royalty-free, unknown buyout music or no music at all.

Cora Music boasts famous tracks from an assortment of genres in a single database, with the ease of filtering songs by category, mood, tempo, and more. The service is currently only available to YouTubers within the EU but plans to expand to other platforms and regions in the future.

“This is a service that meets an enormous demand — quality music from a one-stop-shop, at a low monthly price,” says Malte Andreasson, CEO of Cora Music. “Finally, professional YouTubers can add music to their videos with well-known and beloved songs, without any burdensome administration.”

“This is a true game-changer,” adds Casper Bjørner, CEO of STIM. “There is a myriad of online services that offer music to YouTube creators, but Cora Music is the first service to offer unlimited access to hits that the viewers love — not simply anonymous muzak. This is the result of extensive and successful license negotiations with numerous partners, and we’re really proud.”