R.I.P. FN Meka – Meet Sony Music’s Virtual Artist APOKI

Sony Music APOKI

Photo Credit: Sony Music

FN Meka may be dead – but virtual artists are here to stay. Meet Sony Music’s K-pop sensation, APOKI.

APOKI is a virtual character or ‘VTuber’ with a popular YouTube channel. The K-pop sensation has more than 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and 3.8 million followers on TikTok. Virtual artists have taken off since 2020, and APOKI has been performing since early 2021.

Through a partnership with VV Entertainment and Sony Music Solutions Japan, APOKI will release her first English-language track. The song “West Swing ft. E-40” features rapper E-40 and draws inspiration from the sound of swingbeat in the late ’80s and early ’90s. The new single is a new genre for the VTuber and features a retro fashion style. “West Swing” is APOKI’s fourth single and brings a younger generation closer to New Jack Swing.

The song was mixed by Grammy-winning audio engineer Dave Way. The mastering was headed by Randy Merrill of Sterling Sound. So what is APOKI exactly? She’s described as a ‘rabbit-like being living somewhere in space.’ The VTuber belongs to VV Entertainment, which is owned by Korean tech start-up AFUN Interactive.

APOKI has combined K-pop music and dance choreography with high-tech visuals, relatable fashion, and high-strung personalities. Her fashion sense applies the latest and most trendy Korean styles, while her singles influence dance styles with every one released. APOKI was named the #1 virtual influencer in Korea in June 2022.

APOKI has released four singles and two Japanese versions of her songs. Her works have become popular in the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, and elsewhere.

“Sony Group is not only a company that delivers innovative and trustworthy electronics but is also a strong global power in all areas of content including music, games, and movies,” says DK Kwon, CEO of AFUN Interactive. “We are looking forward to the various synergies that AFUN Interactive and Sony will create together as we pioneer a new generation of virtual entertainment. Thanks to Sony’s strong trust and commitment to creating new markets together, we will continue to respond with good content and new technology.”