Why is IDAGIO Not Working? These Quick Fixes Usually Work

why is idagio not working
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why is idagio not working
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Photo Credit: Julio Rionaldo

Is IDAGIO not working? Don’t worry — we’ve compiled a list of the best troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.

If you’re not a big classical music buff or haven’t strayed too far from the most prominent music streaming platforms, you might not have heard of IDAGIO. For fans of orchestral music, IDAGIO offers a wealth of features that help it stand out against the crowd — exclusive live performances for subscribers and lots of content even for free accounts. You can do a lot with it, but what if it’s not working correctly? We’ve gathered a list of the best troubleshooting steps to get IDAGIO working again.

Why is IDAGIO Not Working?

Any streaming service on your device can stop working for many reasons, most of which are related to your WiFi or data connection. Next, try restarting the app. You can solve many problems with mobile apps by closing and restarting them. If IDAGIO still isn’t working, the next step should be to restart your phone or tablet.

How to Restart Most Android & iOS Devices

  1. Hold down the power button on your device.
  2. Tap the restart button when it appears.
  3. Confirm and let your device restart.
  4. Open IDAGIO and see if it’s working.

Clearing IDAGIO’s Cache

If restarting the app and your device hasn’t solved the problem, try clearing IDAGIO’s app cache. Clearing an app’s cache removes any downloaded files that might interfere with it working correctly, and it also clears any custom settings you might have set — which can solve many issues. To clear IDAGIO’s cache:

  1. Tap the Settings icon on your phone or tablet.
  2. Tap Apps and scroll to find IDAGIO.
  3. Choose the Storage option and Clear Cache.
  4. Sign back in and verify that IDAGIO is working.

Checking Your WiFi or Network Connection

Streaming services like IDAGIO can’t play media without a WiFi or data connection unless you download your music. Poor to no service can explain why an app isn’t working. Ensure your device isn’t in airplane mode, which also interferes with streaming platforms.

Reinstalling IDAGIO

If IDAGIO still isn’t working correctly after trying everything above, it’s time to reinstall the app, especially if this is the only app behaving strangely. To reinstall IDAGIO:

  1. Open the Play Store or App Store and search for IDAGIO.
  2. Tap IDAGIO and select Uninstall.
  3. Confirm and let it uninstall, and then click Install to reinstall it.

If IDAGIO isn’t working, at least one of the solutions above should solve the problem, but if you’ve encountered a problem or solution not explored here, please let us know in the comments.