Dear Snoop Dogg, Your Death Row Records Dream Has Come True!

music promotion rhythmic rebellion
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music promotion rhythmic rebellion
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Photo Credit: Rhythmic Rebellion

The following comes from Rhythmic Rebellion, a company DMN is proud to be partnering with.

Dear Snoop Dogg, Congrats on being the new proud papa of Death Row Records. So you pulled the music off streaming platforms and want to build your own music streaming, video, exclusive content, and merch selling platform? Done!

I’m Greg Allen, a singer/songwriter turned music creator advocate. In 2016, I started building a team to create a music, video, and merch platform where music creators and their management have more control over their content, income, and fan info. Snoop, what we‘ve built is exactly what you’re talking to people about.

In your interview with “Drink Champs,” you said, “So what I wanted to do is snatch my music off, create a platform similar to Amazon, Netflix, Hulu.” Rhythmic Rebellion is a marketplace like Amazon. Fans sign up and can buy music and merch from our artists. We have a great music selling system, including pre-orders with instant access to listen in the music player. We are also a video platform, similar to Netflix and Hulu but geared towards music fans. We have paid access to exclusive videos, subscription access to content, live video streaming, audio-only live streaming, and the list goes on. Everything works in a browser, or the fan can download the Apple or Android app.

We can create fan subscription access to Death Row Records music, videos, and exclusive content for you. Fans can stream the music in the music player and build playlists. They can watch the videos and get access to exclusive merch. We can create special streaming channels like Snoop Dogg Radio, where fans hear you talk about music and tell stories, and you introduce the songs. It can be your songs or other DRR artists’ songs. This can be on-demand or a stream where all the fans hear the same thing at the same time. We can also give single payment access to content for people that don’t want to subscribe, but the subscription is where the fan will find the Ultimate Entertainment and Shopping Experience.

We also have our own 10-track stem player/mixer where fans can make their own mix of the song. We have scrolling lyrics, and with the click of one button, the fan is singing along to the instrumental track of the song… bedroom karaoke.

Our integration with Printful gives you access to on-demand merch printing. They will also do fulfillment of bulk printed merch, CDs, Vinyl, and others. Each artist account has its own merch store and order processing. They have facilities all over the world. Each artist and label account has its own drag-and-drop website builder. We built the platform so labels and management can easily manage all their artist content and many tools to simplify tasks.

Snoop, one thing you will need as part of your dream platform is an accounting and payments system. Good news, we built that too. We have our own song registration system where you define the songwriters, their shares, and their publishers. Inside the artist accounts, you create metadata around the recording and tie it back to the songwriter’s composition. Music labels have their own accounts, and the recording owner is assigned on a per-song basis. This means we know who all the copyright owners are. We can take a song or album sale and divide it correctly among all the copyright owners. Or we can pay it directly to the label account, and they can do the payouts. We have the ability to pay out to creators daily. We also have a plan for how you will pay all the creators whose content is enjoyed by subscription.

We have plans to push our copyright registrations to the blockchain and build NFTs on top of that. This way, you can sell music as an NFT, and we can use our accounting system to ensure all the copyright owners are paid correctly. We can also connect our accounting system to the metaverse and ensure everyone is paid correctly. We have our own music streaming system with apps, so selling music as an NFT would be no problem, and fans get a great experience.

Another thing you need is a way to build a community of fans where you’re in control, and you don’t have to pay to communicate with them. We all realize that allowing social media to own the fan and the info was a mistake. We can help you build a community of fans where you own the information and don’t have to pay to communicate with them. We already do an excellent job of getting fans to share their emails and info. We also have a built-in Artist To Fan emailing system. Currently, we are working on ways to allow you to message fans within the system, allowing notifications inside the app. We also want to allow fans to chat with fans, artists to chat with fans, and the community to bond over their favorite artists, music, and merch. Hybe and BTS have done a good job of this with their WeVerse app. Our version will do what WeVerse does and much more.

Like most marketplaces, we retain 15% of digital sales and 5% of merch. We work for you. Finding software developers is hard. Well, guess what? Your dream software development company just found you.

Go to and imagine that the music and videos are all Death Row Records. We can do that for you. Visit,, and, to see examples of artists using our marketplace to sell music and merch. Their sites were built using our drag-and-drop website builder. We are happy to help artists, but our platform is built as a self-serve system like Amazon. Do it yourself with no waiting.

Snoop, we have already built everything you’re dreaming of and more. Contact me. Join us. Together, we truly can build the future of music.