General Admission Tickets for EDC Las Vegas 2023 Sell Out in Minutes

Tickets EDC Las Vegas
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Tickets EDC Las Vegas
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Photo Credit: EDC Las Vegas (Insomniac)

General admission tickets for EDC Las Vegas 2023 sold out in just minutes, showcasing continued excitement for the return of live events.

Insomniac has announced that general admission tickets for Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas 2023 have sold out within minutes, while a limited number of General Admission Plus and VIP tickets remain. The GA Plus tickets offer “expedited” entry access to premium, air-conditioned restroom trailers, but beyond this and the price, they are identical to the GA tickets.

Anticipation for the 27th edition of EDC Las Vegas is at a peak. Insomniac’s Founder and CEO, Pasquale Rotella, took to Instagram to express his excitement for the festival, stating that he’s “counting the days until we’re all back Under the Electric Sky Together. Next year’s EDC Las Vegas will be Insomniac’s 30 year anniversary, so we’ll be creating a unique experience for everyone.”

EDC Las Vegas 2022 was bigger and better than ever, featuring the debut of a new ninth stage, bionicJUNGLE, in addition to five other new stage designs that showcase the best of the festival’s production and technological advancements.

Immersive experiences throughout Downtown EDC, nomadsLAND, and other areas of the festival, together with the music, brought the EDM community together. EDC Las Vegas 2023 will undoubtedly feature many surprises and memorable moments for all attendees, especially as Insomniac prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Insomniac has produced some of the world’s most innovative, immersive music festivals and events for nearly 30 years. They facilitate around 10,000 concerts, club nights, and festivals worldwide for over seven million attendees. 

Insomniac’s premier event, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, is the world’s largest dance music festival, attracting over 525,000 fans over a three-day weekend. EDC Las Vegas will take place May 19 through May 21 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, marking the twelfth year the festival has been held in Las Vegas, coinciding with Insomniac’s 30th anniversary.

Pasquale Rotella founded Insomniac in 1993, where the company has remained since then. In 2013, Insomniac partnered with leading global entertainment company Live Nation.