The Story of One of Norway’s Biggest EDM Producers: Facading

Photo Credit: Facading
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Photo Credit: Facading
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Photo Credit: Facading

Nikolai Håland, aka Facading, is not a new name in Norway’s electronic music scene. Facading is one of the pioneers of EDM in Norway.

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Facading has produced some of the top EDM songs, including “Arabian Nights,” “Freefalling,” and “Crossed The Line,” which has attracted massive attention from around the world. “Crossed The Line” has close to 5 million streams on Spotify.

Combined, Facading has over 50 million streams on Spotify, making him one of the top EDM producers in Norway. But his journey getting to where he is hasn’t been easy; he has encountered numerous roadblocks. Facading shares his story with us.

Facading has always been a big fan of EDM. He explains that electronic music has been his “escape.” It is one of the few genres he deeply relates to, which inspired him to start creating EDM music. At the time, EDM was not an appreciated genre in Norway.

The EDM scene in Norway was not popular, and EDM artists got very little airplay, making it harder for them to score gigs. Seeing as his sound is a bit different made it even more difficult for Facading. Not only was Facading trying to break into a young industry, but he was introducing a new sound to EDM, something many felt was close to impossible.

But Facading didn’t give up. He invested in growing his online brand and network, which helped him get more music opportunities. Facading would attend music concerts to connect with other producers, promoters, and artists. He also sent demos to labels and other EDM artists. Facading sent many demos and emails before he got his first reply.

Today, Facading’s resilient spirit is one of the factors that set him apart.

Facading is not one to give up easily. He believes every problem has a solution; you just have to find it. He is using his music to relay this message as he shows his listeners that they, too, can reach their goals.

Facading creates energetic yet relaxing and inspirational music. His music touches on issues affecting young people, such as mental health, love, and heartbreak.

Facading says his goal is to create a safe space for young people. He is using his brand to encourage and empower young artists, students, and entrepreneurs, sharing what he has learned.

Although it was challenging, Facading did not give up. He looked for other ways, including honing his music skills. Facading’s unique sound and music style have enabled him to cement his spot in Norway’s growing music industry and take EDM mainstream. Facading is signed to one of the UK’s biggest labels (NCS). He has also worked with Trap Nation, where his music has been featured, with many praising his sound.

Facading has recently released a new single, “Tonight.” The song released not too long ago, has clocked 50K streams on Spotify. “Tonight” is a perfect mix of EDM and drum and bass. The song starts with energetic vocals with powerful drums and a layer of ambiance, allowing the melody to slip in easily and become the center of attention. Facading says that he has other new projects coming up. He is also looking forward to doing more EDM concerts in Norway.