Songtradr Launches Smart Sync – Advanced Digital Rights Management Solution for Music Catalogs

Photo Credit: Songtradr
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Photo Credit: Songtradr
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Photo Credit: Songtradr

Songtradr has launched Smart Sync–advanced technology to track, control, and monetize catalogs in one place. 

The tech uses Songtradr’s next-generation watermarking technology that solves inherent licensing challenges faced by video games and digital platforms. It helps expand revenue potential for music rights holders and allows licensing at an unprecedented scale. Smart Sync offers the most advanced digital rights management technology on the market, allowing labels, publishers, and production music libraries to seamlessly manage their music for global sync across digital platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Rights holders can take full advantage of increased monetization through a full suite of subscription and premium sync products, including Pretzel and Songtradr. Music catalogs also have direct access to global brand sync opportunities through Songtradr Group Businesses, such as Big Sync Music and MassiveMusic.

“As digital environments continue to evolve rapidly, music rights use and licensing is becoming far more complicated. The complexity of new digital environments such as gaming, web 3 apps, and social media networks often require integrated solutions,” says Paul Wiltshire, CEO, Songtradr. “Before Smart Sync, there has been no automated solution to properly manage music use claims/releases by rights holders who may be required to grant licenses to both the game and its users on YouTube.”

“Music users want more platform interoperability and rights holders don’t have the time to manually manage these requirements at scale. Songtradr is the bridge that connects rights holders to any music user in the world using technology to simplify and automate complex and high volume licensing transactions, which is why we developed Smart Sync,” Wiltshire adds. 

What Smart Sync Offers Rights Holders

  • Monitor digital music use and manage claims and releases on platforms like YouTube
  • Enable automation to determine claims/releases from known and unknown sources
  • Manage rights issues, such as missing information or ownership conflict
  • View detailed performance insights, including audience demographics, territories, and top-performing tracks
  • License music to Songtradr’s customer base of content creators, businesses, games, apps, platforms, and brands

Songtradr’s services include music distribution, publishing, and neighboring rights administration as well as global sync licensing. With the launch of Smart Sync, the company now offers a complete digital rights management and licensing solution for music catalogs.